This is me:)

Welcome to MyRedPage,

Loving life as it is… full of amazing stories to read and watch… full of colour and style…tasty and delicious 🙂

What’s MyRedPage about?


Well not about everything that’s red:))))

I will try my best to paint the town red but there are others colours to consider!

I love writing and on paper everything makes more sense:) I always wanted to become a fashion columnist but life took me on a different journey! …today I still think I can make my dream come true and MyRedPage is the first step I’m taking towards achieving it:)

I love cooking, healthy cooking…watch movies, loads of movies, travel and see the world…feel good being me no matter what the fashion trends bring, but be stylish and fabulous :)))

What do my friends say about me…

“You have a shamelessly courageous personality, you fearlessly stand up for what you believe in and what you consider is right.

You have a gritty and spunky style that makes you a natural high achiever in many things you try. 

Simply, in a ‘survival of the fittest’ world, you’re always the fittest.”

This was a description that one of my colleagues wrote down on a review and I am so proud to share this with the world because nobody ever characterised me this way:)

Today…my lovely reader, you become the most important piece of my puzzle…the colour to my masterpiece… So, take this journey with me, learn about fashion, cooking, amazing stories and inspiring people through MyRedPage!


Want to know more?

Follow the red brick road…Click Here🙂

2015-04-23 09.37.57-1

Thank you for becoming my friends:)

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118 thoughts on “This is me:)”

    1. Hello:) Thank you so much, I really appreciate it.
      Camera Lucida is a photo challenged opened to everyone and anyone who loves the world through images.
      I took a bit of a break but the photo challenge is re-launching this Sunday.
      Each week there is a theme and if you wish to participate, just share your interpretation of the theme via a post with the title Camera Lucida on your blog, link back to the initial post, tag your post #cameralucida so others can find your post; you can also leave a link of your post in the comment box if you wish.
      Each theme is opened for seven days, at the end of the challenge I will share all of the entries and introduce all of the participants:) you can give feedback on other entries and share your passion:) it is a fun way to meet other bloggers and see amazing photography! I’ll be seeing you soon, I hope:) love, Julia

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