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‘Show your personality, be stylish’

2015-03-10 16.30.34

‘Fashion it’s just an extension of your personality’

Since forever I could remember I loved fashion…trend and style!

If you look around, fashion changes probably as much as technology advances…too fast to be able to appreciate it:)

That’s why I truly believe that what makes us look good has to make us feel good as well.

There is no point in following a trend just because you see it in fashion magazines, most of the time it might not be your style or it might not really do anything for you.

Every time you look in the mirror, you need to feel happy, happy with what’s reflecting back:)

Yes, we do buy fashion pieces because they are in, but wearing them has to make you feel good about yourself!

I want to share with you all the beautiful things out there that make me feel good and hopefully it will make you feel fabulous:)

Watch this space…more fabulous things coming!