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More than just a shade…

It has been a while since I have written or blogged about anything…

I think sometimes you just need some time off or life takes over and you don’t even realise how long it has been since you’ve done something you love…

But…let’s not talk about the past; let’s take a peak into the future or even truly look at the present!

My Sweet Lips Chronicle was always meant to be a little piece of what I think its beautiful and it deserves to be shared with those of you who might feel the same.

A lipstick might have been just a lipstick 30 years ago, but its not just that anymore.

Most of us use it to make a statement, to feel empowered and bold…but let’s not forget that sometimes we just use it because it makes us experience another side of us!

Colour is Art


I absolutely love this Bourjois lipstick (Rouge Edition no.41 Pink Catwalk)…and not just because it looks amazing in pictures 🙂

On lips it looks like a soft but bold pink, which is always attractive…

If you have never tried a pure pink lipstick because you think its not for you but your hidden thoughts always circle around the possibility, this Bourjois colour could be your best first choice.



Dark and Beautiful…

You can always choose Revlon Black Cherry if you are daring and want something different.

There was a time when we only used dark colours as part of evening make-up…but we are living interesting times and as the saying goes ‘rules are meant to be broken‘ … if its for sweet lips 🙂



Photography is art…make-up is a beautiful indulgence that could easily become an artistic tool of self expression.

At least…that is exactly what it has turned out to be for me!

See you soon…



Your Sweet Lips Girl,



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Taste of Plum


Second chapter of the Sweet Lips Chronicles…it’s all about the taste.

I remember a time when bright colours were just for summer time…to be worn and displayed on holidays…far away from our day-to-day habitat!

Even now…how often you find yourself being bolder and more adventurous amongst strangers?

In an ideal world, we should be ourselves in our most comfortable surroundings, which on paper should be our home, our family, our friends and colleagues…but for some unknown reason, most of us experienced the odd moment when you feel like truly being yourself anywhere else but where you should…



This year, I’ve spent my holiday a little bit further from home and as any tourist in the world I have set my mind up to try new things, meet new people … taste interesting cuisines and make memories for a life time.

I never really thought about changing my make up bag or be more daring with colours…but as any unplanned and unforeseeable thing, I have returned with a new taste between my dessert choices 🙂

The taste of plum…or as we all know it…sweet purple lips!



I have moved my research ground beyond Maybelline New York and Rimmel London…

Urban Decay… here I am!

I have found one beautiful and not to mention tasty colour that I couldn’t resist… Seismic Sheer Shimmer (top picture).

But I haven’t stopped there…

I was enjoying this new-found confidence too much 🙂

From just an innocent bite of plum, I’ve dived into a whole basket of tempting choices and I had to have them all 🙂



Some love to collect stamps…some just do not bother…

Me on the other hand…I fell in love with sweet colour lipstick and I never want to go back!

Life is too short to spend it wondering about ‘what if’ or ‘should I’ …

Just be fearless and give it a go…might that be a bold colour lipstick or blind dating 🙂

Be the person you wish to be…the very best version of YOU!

Now…go ahead, find the most eye-catching colour and make it your very own!

…and never forget to make it delicious 🙂




Your Sweet Lips Girl,



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‘Blogging Diary’


‘What’s coming is better than what is gone!’


Back to my old passion…writing:)

Been away for far too long…

…too many thoughts…must click ‘publish’:)


Get ready my beautiful readers…I am back!:)


With Love,



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‘Red Echo Date’ #9

Looking for inspiration?

Join R.E.D quote challenge…and share your thoughts behind this week’s words of wisdom 🙂

quote 9

Every day is different…

Silence or anxiety, we still need to find ways of dealing with every little thing that comes our way!

I admit that sometimes I feel overwhelmed…too many things are happening instantaneously and I forget how to breathe! Someone told me once that life is stressful enough, we don’t need to add anything to it…and it’s so true.

Sometimes we panic about the future…the future that didn’t happen yet.


We forget to live in the moment and we throw away all our energy on assumptions, predictions and thoughts of what will be.

But that is just human nature!

I think about the future all the time and there are moments when too much anxiety takes me away from the present and then I find that second that can pull me back to reality because I know that I will regret more something I could miss now than any future prospect.

What is anxiety of life?

Is it fear of failure, questions of the unknown, doubt against accomplishment?

I think is all of that and so much more…

How to deal with it…how to conquer it?

…with one breath at a time…

Red Echo Date

Thank you to all of you who shared a thought about last week’s theme!

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Take a moment and visit these blogs and read some inspirational views 🙂

Join us and find some inspiration behind the echo of the week:)

How can you join?

The challenge is about sharing your thoughts behind the quote of the week…it will be your choice the way you do it, it is your echo:)
Write a story…capture the words in a photo or come up with a new quote which shares the same topic!
You can leave your own quote in the comment box or write a new post!
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With each post I will share all of the entries from the previous week:)

This week share your thoughts about anxiety of life!

Your R.E.D host,



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‘Six Word Story’ #1

Story #1

Theme: Loss

He used to bring her flowers.

‘Six Word Story’ is a new writing challenge initiated by Ben at A Hopelessly Wandering Mind!

Thanks Ben for a brilliant idea!

I love trying out new ways of writing and connect with other bloggers who share the same passion 🙂

Your Story Teller,



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‘Tenebrous Tower’ #3 – Dark Embrace

Dark embrace

Click here for Part 1 and Part 2

James continued to hold on tight to the window seal…

Nothing made sense…

The only thing he could do now, was to try and fall asleep, hoping that the morning light will bring along some answers.

He moved slowly towards his travel bag and gently touched the floor…it wasn’t moving!

The air in the Tower seemed to get heavier by the minute so he turned to the window…

There was no window…just four walls!

‘This is impossible’, he thought.

I just moved away from the window a second ago!’, James panicked even more.

He turned to the door, picked up his bag and decided he needed to leave…somehow.

The door looked old but very sturdy, it was probably made from solid wood…it had a broken metal lock on, which somehow gave James a bit of hope…he wasn’t locked up here…the old man was crazy!

As he reached the exit he felt the presence of another person in the room…

James don’t leave me here…’, said the female standing behind him.

His mind couldn’t understand what was happening…he stopped and slowly turned around.

That’s not possible…you’re dead!’, said James to the woman staring at him.

Don’t leave me…’, she said again holding her hand out.

Come…stay with me…’

James stepped into a trance…his mind was telling him this wasn’t real but his heart never felt happier.

His wife died just over a year ago and this journey he took was a promise he made her…it was his way to honour her memory and ask for forgiveness.

 He abandoned his bag on the floor and walked slowly towards the woman dressed in white.

As he was getting closer, she seemed to be further away…

Isabelle…how is this possible?’

Stay with me…’, she said as a dark shadow pulled her into the black night.

‘Noooooooo….’, James screamed trying to reach her.

He fell to the ground and started crying…this must be a terrible nightmare!

This is my punishment…’, he whispered repeatedly.

He felt very tired…his eyes were heavy and full of tears, his legs were still shaking from the encounter…maybe it was best to stay here and sleep for a couple of hours.

…he knew he had nowhere to go.


This post is in response to Andy’s Dark | Side | Thursday...a writing challenge with a twist!

dark side thursday

I love experimenting with new writing styles/themes and topics…I believe it’s the only way to grow as a writer…always try new ways of telling a story, constantly learn from others and yourself and be open to feedback because it will help in the long run 🙂

From the Other Side,



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