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Writing 101- Day Two

A new assignment…interesting – ‘A room with a view’, your favourite place in time!

Happy reading:)

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…”just close your eyes and you’re there”

“She was sitting in the sand, just watching the smooth wave wash away everything around her… A few minutes ago there was an amazing sand castle made just a few steps away and in one second there was no more…”life it’s strange”, she was thinking.

‘How can a beautiful thing which takes so much effort to build, disappears in a blink of an eye?’ 

She spent a few minutes thinking at the ephemeral things in her life and how they never seemed to last long enough to be truly appreciated …her first love, that eventually caused her first heart-break, that pretty doll she had when she was six, broken in pieces by her brother, the painting she last saw in a gallery, which she spent half an hour looking at, trying to decide if she should buy it or not, until somebody else more decisive than her, bought it from under her nose…

Maybe some things are meant to be appreciated after they’ve gone’, the truth is we give more value to the things we lost than to those we still have…”like this beautiful sunset”, she turned and looked at the sea.

The sky was exploding in all colours of red and orange, somehow becoming one with the sea and the sun reigned over the horizon like an emperor.

The air was still somehow warm, but she could feel the water caressing her feet becoming colder and colder…it didn’t bother her as much, as she was hypnotised by the extraordinary view of the twilight. 

” This is a perfect view, that I will probably remember tomorrow with a slight warmth feeling in my heart as I know I will never see one like it again”

…some beautiful moments are meant to be brief…some places are meant to be seen once…and some feelings are meant to be short-lived as the memory of them has a higher value in our souls.

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Picture, courtesy of The Daily Post, Writing 101