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‘My Red Vision’ Day #2

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Muse.”

That Little Red Dress…

Caressed by the warm ocean,

The Red rose petals…

Taken on a journey by the wind,

My endless Red World…

Invites you to join in!

My muse was and always will be the colour red…It inspires me no matter where I am:)

I consider it a form of personal art…almost like a part of me that I am trying to recover!

My Red Page is a result of my inclination towards everything that life paints red and the endless desire to share my complete adoration for all that it represents…passion, power, danger, love and pain!

I am also posting for Photo Rehab – The Clinic initiated by Lucile…take a look at her weekly Wrap Up to meet some amazing bloggers and photography patients who walk the Clinic’s long corridors with an extraordinary artistic eye for their surroundings:)

Today’s post is Day 2 for my ‘5 Day 5 Photo’ challenge, initiated by my lovely fellow blogger from kyrosmagica🙂

Thank you very much for the nomination:)

It’s my turn to nominate for the second day…Fimnora Westcaw, if you’re interested, take advantage and share your world through images:)

Happy Sunday Everyone!




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