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‘The tree with a thousand stories’

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Story 3

A memory

“The time you feel lonely is the time you most need to be by yourself”


The sun wasn’t as warm as earlier…she could feel the wind playing through her hair as she was walking up the hill.

It’s been years since she was back and somehow this place looked the same, nothing seemed to change …everything was like a frozen motion picture.

She believed that time had stopped and no matter what she’s done while being away, it was completely insignificant.

She remembered all the reasons for leaving…she was curious, the world seemed to be too large and too exciting…she wanted more for herself…she wanted to discover what’s beyond that large field of yellow flowers, that always looked infinite…

So after many conversations with her parents she decided it was best for everyone if she would study abroad, maybe work a couple of years and just forget…

…yes, forget…

There’s only so many reasons one would suddenly decide that being far away from loved ones is the best choice…most of the times we are running from something much worse like guilt or pain…questions to which we do not have the answers…a broken heart that cannot truly heal in the presence of its sword.

Years went by and life has taken its course…she’s seen the world and it was beautiful, she’s graduated and she felt proud…happy, sometimes…but she stopped feeling, her heart never really healed as she’s imagined it would.

Life it’s not always how you plan it to be…the loss never seemed to leave her, the pain stayed somewhere in her soul and brought a darkness along, that she couldn’t chase away.

The painful reality was that when the love of her life died, she couldn’t be around anything that reminded her about him or them…the only way she knew how to stop the pain was running…running far away, where nothing and no one will ever seem familiar.

…without even realising, a part of her died as well that day…the part that lived and enjoyed the light, the part that allowed her to feel happiness and sadness.

She never felt lonely but she always chose to be alone…she never allowed anyone too close to see the darkness in her heart…to see that she was incapable of giving anything.

Today, she remembered that old tree on the hill she used to go to, whenever she felt the world was too much…when she just wanted a little bit of silence…when she wanted to be alone.

Even if nothing has changed in this town…she didn’t belong, it wasn’t hers anymore, but she still had that tree, that felt like home.

She managed to get to the top right about the time of sundown…the sky exploded in all the shades of red and orange and it looked like the earth is becoming one with the sky.

She set down and leaned against the tree…it was like a sweet touch of someone she once knew and for the very first time, she felt the most lonely person in the world.

…she was feeling lonely…

Her hands touched the trunk of the tree and between all the names carved into it, she found his…and everything she ever wanted to forget…everything she ever wanted to run from…they all came back to her.

…she cried and she cried like never before…

After so many years of hiding from the true experience of loss and loneliness, she felt flooded by all these emotions she couldn’t explain…

Her heart somehow felt whole again…she couldn’t take her hands of the carving because that would mean she is letting go of him…of them…of all the memories.

Even then, the feeling of loneliness didn’t disappear…as she felt closer to him, she felt more and more alone…because that was the harsh truth…she was alone, he would never come back to her…but the memories, the feelings she locked away for so long…would live on forever.

That meaningless carving in the trunk of an old tree it’s now a memory that she would always come back to, whenever she feels she’s drifting again towards darkness or just to remember him.

The writer:

“Sometimes loneliness it’s not such a bad thing….being alone can teach us how to feel again…and feeling anything is the first step we take back to the world…back to our destiny”

‘The tree with a thousand stories’

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Story 1

One place in time

“ If you would have to choose one place to go back in time, where would it be?”

…it was a quiet evening, the sunset was as beautiful as ever…

The sun always seemed to rise and hide behind the same tree, giving the impression of a special place. Looking from the distance it appeared to be a lonely tree but as soon as you got closer it gave you a feeling of love and protection.

With time it became a place where young love was born, where dreams were carved and million of promises were made…

It was the oldest tree in the area and it looked out-of-place between the rest…maybe because of its shape or all the history that was sculpted in it.

People got used to it, it was a place for everyone and anyone from loving couples, playful children, writers looking for inspiration to lonely souls seeking embrace, tired legs wanting a moment of rest or suffering tears living in silence.

Its trunk was a book of feelings, stories never told but maybe imagined, a page of pure human nature without metaphors.


She was running as fast as she could…her hair was one with the wind…

He was trying to keep up, his knees were getting weaker and weaker…he had to stop to catch his breath.

“ I won again…”, she was yelling as she reached the tree.

She was breathing heavily but couldn’t stop smiling as she set down on the grass, resting her whole body on one side of the trunk.

Eventually, he made it …he threw himself next to her, laughing.

“You always make me do this…why?”

“It just makes me feel alive and it’s fun, don’t you think?”, she answered kissing him on the cheeks.

“It’s fun because you always win…”, he would have done it a million times more, just to see her smile.

They set in silence for a few moments just breathing in the fresh air and admiring the sunset, when she suddenly jump up and looked around with curious eyes.

“I have an idea…let’s make this our own special place”

“What do you mean?”

“I want to carve our names into the tree…so we would always remember this moment”

He loved her dearly and for him every minute they’ve spent together was special, he couldn’t have forgotten one second even if he would want to, but there was nothing in this world he wouldn’t do to make her happy.

“Let me find something sharp”

She was watching with sparkles in her eyes and excitement in every bone of her body, while he was carving their names in the tree…she put her head on his shoulder and closed her eyes:

“Promise me…we would always feel this way”

He stopped…took her hand and kissed her gently on the lips:

“You know I love you, don’t you?”

She felt embarrassed, her cheeks turned rosy-red…she wanted to look away.

“I know…”, she said with a low voice.

“I promise…that whatever the future brings, we would always have this moment, here…right now”

She hugged him as tight as she could and for that moment she felt the happiest person alive.

They both looked at the carving…it was a statement of their love that will be there for many years to come…it will never disappear, just like their feelings for each other.

Note from the author:

My intention for this month’s story it’s to capture single moments in time about human experiences linked to one place…the purpose is to show how we all are connected by feelings, thoughts and events in our lives.

The floor is open to everyone…you can share a short story and link it to this post…first story written, 999 to go:)

Happy writing!