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‘Juice Diary’ – Day 1

‘Every challenge we conquer makes us stronger.’

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Day 1 measurements: 68Kg…aiming for…’less’

Most used word today…completely in my mind:)…HUNGRY!

This morning I woke up feeling quite proud of myself for starting the Super Juice Me plan…sentiment which lasted approximately two hours, followed by terrible cravings of food…any food!

I’ve juiced all my ingredients and packed my super fuel for the day…and hoped for the best:)

I think today I’ve had one of those moments when I’ve realised how much I love my food and even if I probably will enjoy this experiment, I will miss my beautiful dinners so so much!

I’ve started the day with a Ginger Shot…a very interesting way in boosting your metabolism…juice an apple and a piece of ginger and you have it; your morning breakfast:)

My full shopping list for this week was insane: 32 Apples, 17 Carrots, 6 Cucumbers, 450 g Ginger…cauliflower, beetroot, basil, mint, parsnip, avocados, spinach, kale, limes, oranges…and I can keep going, but it won’t make it any easier to think about what’s coming…28 days of just juice!

More I think about not being able to eat anything else, more I think this is absolutely crazy…but then I have a moment of clarity and I know that any challenge we overcome can only make us stronger, so I decide that I will only think about what is at the end of this experiment…hopefully a healthier and stronger ‘Me’.

It was a busy day…didn’t think too much about food throughout the day, but than dinner time came and as much as I’ve loved my juices today (The Rich Powerhouse and Breath of Fresh Air), I felt hungry…

…and the only way I know how to fight my cravings is just going to bed early…

Day 1 down…27 to go!


Your Juice Girl,



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‘Juice Diary’ – Day 0

‘Each day, we choose to be a better version of ourselves.’


What is Healthy Living?

To be honest I would like to think my eating habits are healthy, my life choices are positive, but how can I be sure?

Our entire life we aim towards being healthier, make better choices, surround ourselves with love and happy people and always have positive thoughts.

But when it comes down to our eating habits, do we really know what are those healthy choices?

Growing up we are told to eat our vegetables, drink the milk and and go to bed early.

As adolescents we hoop on the speedy train called life and become best friends with everything that begins with ‘Fast’…

…and then one day we wake up and we realise we have to slow down because we are not so fast anymore…we stop eating after 6pm and become charmed at the sound of ‘healthy’.

We start reading only magazines that pretend to sell the secret to eternal youth…begin diets we know we never going to finish…and at the end we realise we are still so far behind of being who we want to be.

For those who know me, I am all in when it comes to eating healthy, taking care of your body and making sure that when I stand in front of a mirror I love the person who is looking back at me:)

…but I’ve always had one question I didn’t find the answer to yet: “How do you know what is healthy?”

With so many so called ‘healthy diets’ out there, millions of recipes that assure you that your life will change once you try them, programmes and people who promise you the Wonderland of Youth and Health if you follow their advice…I am still not convinced by anyone or anything!

The healthy ways of life are almost like the trends in fashion…they are renewed each season, there is always a new collection out to tempt you and inevitably a new designer/nutritionist who thinks they’ve found the secret to your fashion/eating habits.

So in anticipation of finding the best version of Me, I’ve decided to do a little experiment and follow the season of what’s new in the Healthy Living department.

With some light reading, because to be honest, there is no shortage of diet plans, if you’re looking to eat healthy, loose weight and get with the programme; I’ve discovered the new trend this season: Juice Diet.

I thought to myself “that was easy”, well…easier that trying to find the best pair of shoes that will work with a new dress I bought and didn’t need 🙂

I was very wrong…

If you look a bit closer, read a bit more, you realise there are hundreds of so called juice diets that promise to deliver a ‘New You’, a ‘Better You’, a ‘Skinnier You’…a ‘Happier You’.

I’ve hit the proverbial ‘Juice Blocker’…which one is the right choice? How will I decide which ‘collection’ to follow…

This was no trip to the latest fashion week…where I could return with a clear idea how my  wardrobe will look like in the upcoming season…without a doubt, I needed help!

Did you know that people in general share a positive experience with less people than a complete negative one? How is that even possible?

Well…even with those statistics I’ve found something that caught my attention!

One of my colleague from work just finished a juice diet…lucky me:)…so I’ve decided to have a chat with him about it.

He looked happy and healthy…very proud of his achievement and ready to share it with the world!

After a short conversation I was amazed of his choice to follow this diet, the challenges he faced but even more, of the results.

But I still wasn’t convinced…I needed to do more research; so I’ve started reading about this Super Juice Diet, made a list of pro and cons in my mind, of course:) and finally decided to be my own guinea pig and see if this Juice Trend fits me or not!

A bit more info for you: Jason Vale’s 28 days Super Juice Me Plan – 28 days of just 4 juices per day, all recipes provided; even possibility of creating the shopping list for ingredients for days ahead via the ‘there is an app for that’, a promise from its creator that at the end of it you will be a much healthier version of yourself and that it might be a very sure path towards loosing weight but at the same time it’s a perfect way to cleanse your body of toxins and boost your metabolism.

Excited and somehow worried if I can make it 28 days just living of juice…well, join me in my not so little experiment and we’ll see where we’ll end up:)

So here it goes…28 days Super Juice Me Plan!

I’ve always loved a challenge:)


Your Juice Girl,



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