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‘The Pencil Is Red’

Welcome back to your Fashion Guide…always a little bit closer to your own catwalk ūüôā

This week I am bringing you the beautiful…stylish and eternally alluring pencil skirt!

Pencil skirt

I’ve always loved a high rise, knee length pencil skirt…

It is one of the most practical choices I’ve ever made!

Fresh and stylish options for a pencil skirt:

  • High rise fits better every body shape and it will bring out your beautiful curves
  • Always knee length
  • Wear it with a dress shirt if you want a formal or semi-formal look
  • A blouse will be perfect for a casual or evening outfit
  • Print is one of the stars this year, so floral or multiple colour can be a great choice
  • For a late summer gaze, wear it with simple/plain colour top (sleeveless or not)

Pencil black and white Red pencil

As much as I love black I always come back to my first love…beautiful red!

The pencil skirt is an all year round piece in your wardrobe…a balanced colour combination will build you an outfit for every occasion.

If you choose the classic road…put it together with neutral colours, autumn shades.

For the best style and look, pair it up with heels…and as we are at the beginning of the cold season…a perfect heeled ankle boot will create the perfect look!

Would love to know your pencil style?!

Pencil skirt trio

Hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s shopping trip!

Your Fashion Girl,



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‘Keep it simple’

” Fashion should be simple, comfortable and fun “

This week I want to wear comfortable… may that be denim, t-shirt or a jacket, but I want to feel fashionable at the same time:)

I believe that sometimes all we want is to feel relaxed in what we wear…for most of us, that means sporty or jeans and a polo shirt.

What does stop us in having both worlds…comfort and style?

I love to feel comfy in my cloths but at the same time I don’t always want to blend in…I like personality in what I wear:)

What do you think?

2015-05-11 -1

Comfort – means different things to each of us!

Usually we think a pair of jeans, a simple top does the job…but we tend to forget that by adding one item, like a jacket, we can build a completely different outfit. Most of ¬†the items we have in our wardrobe are casual…what I want to do today is to show you, that every piece in your closet can be dressed up or dressed down.

2015-05-11 13.39.15-1

A pair of denim is the most common piece we own…it’s fashionable, comfortable and guess what?! It can be very stylish as well. I always loved jackets because they take your look from casual to trendy.

2015-05-11 13_Fotor-1

You think just because you wear jeans and t-shirts you don’t follow fashion…you are wrong:)

Denim is the biggest piece on the catwalk this year and a statement t-shirt just adds more glam to it!

2015-05-11 13.13.15-1

Whenever you want to add a bit of style to you comfort…try the jacket…find a colour that brings you out of your comfort zone but at the same time still feels YOU!


You will realise very soon that most of the items you thought to be casual…they can become very easy part of your ‘going out’ outfit or your ‘I feel glam today’!

2015-05-11 13.40.02-1

For me denim still means comfort, but when I dress it up with a sparkly top and a simple jacket, it becomes a totally different story:)

So, take a peak in your closet and start building those outfits that make you feel fabulous and confident!