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Urban and Wickedly Wonderful

Lipstick and heels…two things I can’t live without 🙂

If you ever had to choose a prime brand to try, Urban Decay is the one!

Smooth, sexy and tasty are just the first three features come to mind when I think about this brand of lipsticks.


FireBird – Urban Decay

I could just spend hours looking at the collection of colours and still not be able to decide for which one I want to go for… hard life 🙂

So far I have tried three shades and a lip liner (Blackmail) and I must say, I am a happy customer.

Firebird is by far my love at first sight or should I say at first kiss.

It does surprise me as it’s a very bold colour and not something I would have chosen in the past, but then again it seems I am becoming more confident and fearless…which I love.



For an evening look, I have chosen a slightly darker shade, a burgundy like colour that somehow works with my latest heels…hahaha (Moshpit – featured image and Seismic, for a more sparkly look)

How come things match when you don’t even try?

If you ever try this brand, let me know your experience 🙂


Your Sweet Lips Girl,



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Summer glow…

Never say never…

In the past I never really went out of my way to be bold and noticeable.

This didn’t mean that I was hiding and keeping it simple, because simple is sometimes the best choice, I just never found myself in a position when I needed to be bold.

…but life is always funny that way.

We always get to a point when we need to take a leap and get out of the bubble we call comfort zone just because it makes us feel different, better and more courageous.

You really don’t need that much bravery to try out a new lipstick but you do need to have choices if you want to go for a bolder colour.

891 Sapphire Siren – Bold Collection Maybelline New York

This photo shoot was extremely fun and I hope I’ve made these bold colours justice 🙂

I have always loved the Maybelline lipsticks; not just because they have a huge range of colours but mostly because they smell absolutely delicious!!!

You don’t believe me…try one!


Vivid Vixen - Bold Maybelline New York
890 Vivid Vixen – Bold Collection Maybelline New York

Besides the amazing choice in shades, this lipstick is smooth and tasty on the lips; makes you feel like you could conquer the world just by having one in your bag.

I might be bold saying this, but I can only tell you how I feel when I use it 🙂



Might it be a pink summer afternoon or a vivid blue party night out…the choice is always yours; but don’t ever forget…a little change is good for the soul!


Your Sweet Lips Girl,



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‘Sweet November’

Going through my favourite movie collections, I don’t really know why I’ve stopped at this specific one…maybe because it’s one of the stories that made me expect the unexpected.

Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 23.39.50

Picture, courtesy of imdb.com

Director: Pat O’Connor

Writers: Herman Raucher, Paul Yurick, Kurt Voelker

Lead actors: Keanu Reeves, Charlize Theron

2001 Drama, Romance

‘I love movies…and yes, I do have my favourite ones, sometimes it’s a drama, a sad story, other times it’s a comedy, with unstoppable laughter or a romance that leaves tears in my eyes…but overall, as somebody said to me…movies become timeless because of what they make you feel.’

Now, this story brings many different feelings to whom is watching…but for me personally it led to a sentiment of empowerment. It somehow awakens a strength within you that you thought you never had…

As a love story, there is nothing new here – boy meets girl, girl has a slight air of mystery, boy feels intrigued and follows into her footsteps.

There is something else to this story that makes it so overwhelming…throughout everything that is happening, you can’t imagine what it’s actually the reality.

Nelson and Sara have nothing in common but because there is a certain spark between them, they decide on a rather unconventional dating plan…one month trial, after which they will both go in their separate ways.

And again, what is happening in this time they’ve spent together, doesn’t come as a surprise…they will fall in love…but what the writers of this movie did extremely well is hide the true reasons why she gave him a month to experiment this courtship.

…The story concentrates on how Sara is committed to theses monthly trials with different men, that she tries to help somehow to overcome their emotional issues.

What the story doesn’t reveal until the end is how all these encounters are actually her way of hiding her own reasons of never committing to anyone for longer than a month.

I’ve read so many reviews of this movie and I don’t think half of them do any justice to it. People concentrate too much of what its clear and visible and less on reading between the lines.

I believe that the purpose of a story is to make you feel something…anything; even if that feeling it is disappointment, at the end of it, that movie reached its goal.

Enjoy 🙂