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Writing 101 – Day eight

I’ve really enjoyed today’s prompt…not that I’ve succeeded to avoid adverbs but I did write something a little bit different:)

Hope you enjoy reading!

Today’s assignment: ‘Death of Adverbs’ – Go to a local café, park, or public place and write a piece inspired by something you see. 

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‘Different perspectives’

…for the first time this year, the sun didn’t hide behind grey clouds.

The air was a little bit heavier than usual, probably because of the heat wave that excited everyone more or less…

It’s strange, looking at people passing by and imagine interesting stories about their life.

We always make up these fables in our minds and they are far more captivating that our own existence…

I could never find a logical explanation behind it…

Is it because we look at our own life and we find it not fascinating enough so it comes very easy to imagine a stranger walking down the street living maybe another version of our own life?!

Is it because it’s uncompromising for us to portray a life that we know nothing about?

Is it our way of imagining a series of paths we could have taken but decided not to?

Is it just a method of forgetting your own problems and concentrate on what the rest of the world is struggling with?

Is it a simple mind game that let’s your imagination travel free without being judged by anyone?

Is it because we desperately try to find answers to our own questions?

Is it perhaps just human nature?


Like that lady walking along side the window with four heavy bags…she stops for a second to take a deep breath…do I imagine she is lonely and she has no one to help her?

Do I feel sorry and stand up to give her a hand?…Does she has a husband and children who just don’t care?…Is she so stubborn that she doesn’t ask for help?…Was it her choice to buy everything and carry them on her own?…

What can she have in those bags so important that they had to be taken all at once?

Is she homeless and that’s everything she owns?

It’s funny how our minds can create scenarios without even blinking…how we are able to see someone from so many angles but be completely powerless in looking at our own life from more than one perspective…

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Picture, courtesy of The Daily Post, Writing 101

Note from the author:

I hope the message I’ve intended with this post came across to you…it is easier to look in from the outside and question but sometimes we find it impossible to answer our own doubts.

‘Sealed by red lips’ Part 3

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“Feeling lonely while being alone is not as bad as feeling lonely while surrounded by others” 

It was suggested that she should spend as much time with him as possible, to be able to capture him in his domain, as that is the only way they will be able to print a true representation of John Butler.

She argued it for a few minutes saying that a couple of interviews throughout the week will be sufficient resource for her to write the article; her editor didn’t really understand why she was fighting it.

“ You know how we work, we go to the source, we live it together with our subjects and put a masterpiece on paper. That’s why we are the best out there”, Claire was trying to understand why is Amanda so against spending more time with John and getting to know him.

“ I know,… he might not agree to it but if you think this is the best way of doing it, then I’ll do it”, she gave up not wanting to raise any suspicion from Claire about how well she really knew John.

“ I’ve already spoke to him about it and he seemed fine”, Claire’s response just triggered something in Amanda.

‘Of course he was fine, he thinks something will happen between them, all that time spent together, he can get into her head and make her lose it again.’ She became very angry, her eyes sparkled a bit like when having a devious thought,  she turned towards the window; as the wind was carrying golden leaves from the trees her anger flew slowly away as there was no reason why she should worry, he has no effect on her anymore, that door was closed, the key turned and got forgotten in some old box thrown in the attic. Was she trying to convince herself of not having any feelings for him that could come to life or just desperately attempting to avoid a possible broken heart all over again? 

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