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‘Counting stars’ The End

“ Love knows no distance, it has no continent; its eyes are for the stars” Gilbert Parker


Day…to remember

The sun was going down, the air became less hot and the wind gave a warm feeling of   tranquility…

Sophie remembered her evenings spent with the family…she missed them but somehow found herself belonging; maybe it was Henry and his gentle look full of care towards her or Joanne and her motherly touch every time she looked at her and smiled.

She couldn’t explain why she was feeling the way she was but she stopped questioning it and just embraced the present and the joy and happiness her heart was full of now.

They were sitting around the wooden table on the small terrace in front of the house, enjoying hot chocolate and each others company when Joanne decided to begin telling the Legend of the falling stars…

“ I cannot believe you don’t remember it, Henry…it use to be your favourite story, you made me tell it over and over again throughout the years”, said Joanne before she dived into the magic that’s Bridgehollow.

“ I don’t know…it’s strange but I don’t remember this one”, answered Henry surprised of himself.

He didn’t remember or he had to forget…it didn’t matter now, because she was here, next to him and even if the circumstances weren’t the most credible, he was truly and madly in love and no one could ever take that away from him.

“The Legend of the falling stars…

It is said that many many years ago Bridgehollow belonged to the skies; it was believed that it was the only place that stars could become humans and live as us, an earthly life.

The rules allowed each star in their life time to come down once and experience and learn everything that was to know about people. It was their purpose to discover love, embrace it and share it with each other.

Some stars lived their earthly lives fulfilling their destiny, some returned without it…the legends say that each star had seven days to find their purpose and if they failed they would return to the skies with no memory of they ever being down on earth.

The ones that had their path joined and eventually shared by human feelings where love became a part of them; they were given a choice, they could become mortals and live between humans or they could return to the skies and become stars again.

For a long time, Bridgehollow became a safe heaven for stars, until one day, when one of them broke the rules by revealing her origins to a mortal in the hope that she could reach her goal and gain his love.

From that day forward, stars were forbidden to return to earth, they were punished to only look down on us and never be able to live or feel the true essence of life…love.

With time many tried to overrule this decision and one day a miracle happened…people started to look up to the sky and admire the stars, write stories about them, named them and sometimes even talk to them. The earth didn’t seem to look that cold anymore from above and the dark skies filled with bright stars gave hope and magic to the ones below.

We were world apart but somehow managed to make a connection…it is said that a young boy fell in love with a star and every night pleaded her to come down to him, but she never did, she couldn’t…he painted her every night more and more bright until his hand were so tired he couldn’t lift the brush, he was in great pain and his heart was slowly stopping its beats, until one night…when she came to him in a dream, whispering to his ears: ‘Paint me falling from the sky and I will be yours’…

And so he did…and since then it’s believed that every now and then a falling star is painted and she will fall for the hand that claimed her.

The end.”

Joanne enjoyed every second she spent telling stories filled with magic and wonder; it somehow made her feel part of an ancient mystical line that knew The Secret…

For a few minutes nobody seemed to say anything…Henry suddenly remembered Sophie’s words on the first day they’ve met, “…you’ve claimed me!”.

Was that even possible?

These are just stories…does anyone believe that they are true?

What is really magic…a child’s view of the world, an adult’s desire to hide from reality or something extraordinary beyond our comprehension?

Sophie was taken by surprise … she heard this story before but never imagined that it will turn out this way. She was scared that everyone might realise who she really is; she could never explain how a story like this was actually a reality for hundred of years.

Her purpose…was to find love?

Joanne and George returned to the house as it was getting dark outside, leaving Henry and Sophie together on the terrace.

Neither of them knew how to start talking…or even if they should say anything.

“ Interesting story…”, said Sophie with a low tone. She wanted to say it out loud, scream about it…she was alone, with no idea what she should do next; Henry seemed to be her only focus, he made her feel calm, safe and somehow loved.

“ Sophie…I have to be completely honest with you but I don’t know how to say this”, Henry was scared, not of what he will say but more of what will happen if he says it.

“ We’ve met six days ago and you don’t seem to remember it”, he said it and for a moment he didn’t believe himself; the words coming out of his mouth were just not real.

“ What…what do you mean we’ve met six-day ago?”, said Sophie with a scared voice.

“ It’s the truth, believe me! Six days ago I saw you along side the road, you seemed lost so I stopped the car to help if I can, we’ve spent the day together, we had lunch…”, he stopped talking. Sophie’s eyes were wide opened, looking at him like he was crazy. She was more confused than ever, what was happening to her didn’t make any sense.

“… we’ve had chicken sandwich and you loved it. We talked a lot but you never seemed to truly open up, is there anything you want to tell me?”, asked Henry hoping she will have an answer for what was happening to them.

“ If I have anything to say? Did you hear yourself, how crazy it sounds what you’re saying? I never met you before today, I couldn’t have…because I’ve never been…”, she suddenly realised if he sounds crazy how would she be if she will tell him the truth.

“ You’ve never been…what, what Sophie?”, asked Henry with anger in his voice. He wanted to know…to know who she really was.

Sophie stood up and turned towards the stairs…she wanted to leave, this was too much; she thought she could handle being so far from home, that finding her destiny couldn’t be this complicated. She cared for Henry and despite of how unrealistic his story sounded, she did feel as she knew him better than she thought, like they’ve shared more than just a day together…

“ I didn’t mean to upset you…I am as confused about this as you, but I am just trying to be honest with you because I care about you! For the past few days, the only thing I looked forward each morning was to see you, talk to you, just be near you…”, said Henry trying to stop her from leaving.

“ Something is wrong, very wrong Henry…I don’t remember any of it”, Sophie stopped, her eyes were full of tears and she needed answers.

“ Please tell me the truth…who are you?”, Henry was begging for an answer that he knew in his heart but needed to hear it out loud.

He took her hand and placed it on his chest, where his heart was beating faster and faster, her whole body was trembling not because she was afraid but because for the first time she was feeling vulnerable.

“ I don’t care who or what you are Sophie…my life changed the moment I saw you, I am in love with you…”, he never said that before to anyone, but it felt right, he needed to let her know no matter what will happen, she had to know how she changed his life.

He pulled her closer to him, ran his fingers through her long and silky hair and kissed her rosy lips with so much passion that for a second nothing else existed but them…they were the centre of the whole Universe. Time stopped and the sky was brighter than ever, stars were shining like they were celebrating a new accomplishment of a fellow star…she found her purpose after all.

Sophie was feeling happy, nothing could harm her as long as he was holding her tight in his arms…she closed her eyes for a second and all the memories of the past days came back like a storm…every morning they’ve met, the walks along the sea, the beautiful blue sea, the sound of their laughter, the warmth of his touch…she remembered everything and at that moment she understood her destiny.

It was Henry…she looked at him with love in her eyes and she knew there is no other place in the world she should be but here, with him.

“ I remember…”, she smiled at him.

“ I don’t understand…how?!”, he was happy but still puzzled about everything.

“ You are the reason I am here…I fell for you, because you’ve painted me”, she had no reason to hide anything from him anymore.

“ You mean…the falling star”, Henry couldn’t breath, even if in his heart he knew the truth, hearing it, made it sound ridiculous.

They’ve both turned and looked at the sky…Sophie was saying goodbye to her world, she found what she was seeking; Henry finally had the magic he always wished for, tight in his arms.

The sky was covered by millions of stars looking down and secretly hoping that someday, when the time is right, they will find their destiny as well…

As the warm summer wind was gently embracing the trees all around, from above, Bridgehollow lived to be the same magical, long forgotten town…where anything is possible.

The End

‘Counting stars’ Day 3…4,5



 Day 3…4,5

“ For my part I know nothing with any certainty, but the sight of the stars makes me dream” Vincent Van Gogh

 They didn’t really speak too much on the way into town, Henry tried to think of what to say, Sophie felt alone and so far from home.

When Henry introduced himself again, Sophie did not hesitate to say her name, she was somehow more sure of herself, even if her true identity was unknown to Henry, she seemed willing to open up slightly.

Her kind always was a mystery to people, always raising questions, looking for meaning but never really discovering their true purpose.

She was raised by two amazing parents who taught her everything she needed to know to be the best and shine brighter each day and when the time came for her to leave everything she ever known, there were still so many questions that weren’t answered… She knew her destiny was far away and she had to pursue it but it’s harder when you don’t know what you’re looking for.

‘Everything will be revealed when the time is right’, her father used to say.

‘It’s better to enjoy the journey and be open to all possibilities…our destiny is the reward for all the challenges we meet along the way, so always be prepared to expect the unexpected’, her mum was someone very wise and whom found her own faith in a similar journey which she never revealed entirely.

Sophie knew her journey has begun, only if she would know what was she had to discover…’it couldn’t be Henry’, she thought, maybe he was a piece of her puzzle that was slowly coming together.

Henry started to talk about Bridgehollow, of it’s mysteries and especially about the legends of Silver Woods.

Joanne used to put him to sleep when he was little with amazing stories about magical creatures which were born out of those woods and believed to be, now protecting Bridgehollow.

Henry asked Sophie if she would join him for lunch…he was thinking that this time around they could spend more time together and maybe he could figure out what is really happening.

Once arrived into town, they decided to go for a walk, Sophie wanted to see the harbour…look at the sea for the first time from the ground and not from above.

“ Everyone seems to be so friendly around here, It feels like I’ve been here before”, said Sophie smiling.

“ Bridgehollow it’s a special place and we always try to make everyone feel welcomed”, answered Henry with pride in his voice while more questions were queuing in his mind.

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