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‘Savvy and Fashionable’

Hello Fashion Lovers!

This week my catwalk is all about intelligent print…

You might ask…really? What is that all about?

Here is the short tale of the red glasses Giraffe named Savvy 🙂

I was looking to buy some very simple t-shirts for the gym…and as always I found something completely opposite, well truth to be told, I did buy a couple of t-shirts but they will never see the four walls of a gym! LOL

The Geek Chic Look
The Geek Chic Look

I am not a huge fan of prints but even I couldn’t turn away from that cute face looking back at me from the window display.

I always said it and I always will…fashion should make you feel good

Comfort is not a myth within the fashion society!

Yes…looking good sometimes means going through some form of pain but I have news for you…the right statement print and a pair of denim, never looked better!

Giraffe t-shirt

Accessorize, accessorize and accessorize…do it for look, fashion or necessity…just do it!

Your comfort look can easily turn into a more elegant one with just one swap…skirt for the trousers 🙂

Elegant and savvy look
Elegant and savvy look

If you are someone who lived in jeans…slept in jeans…step out on the green grass and don’t be afraid to try out a skirt!

This year, it’s all about lace, high waist, knee-length and flared…don’t tell me, there is nothing there you could try 🙂

Keep it simple and always be yourself!

All year round from Spring to Summer…and now from Autumn to Winter, there is one accessory you should have in your wardrobe…the famous hat!

Find the one that suits you…be creative and try a colour that you’ve just glanced at from the corner of your eye but never attempted to put it on…believe me, you might surprise yourself with an unplanned purchase 🙂

Red jacket

Hope you’ve enjoyed my shopping trip for this week!

Tell us what’s new in your wardrobe?

Your Fashion Girl,



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‘Block it…with denim’

“Fashions fade, style is eternal.” Yves Saint-Laurent

2006-02 14_Fotor-1

Today’s post

What can you do with denim and the block heel?

Hello Fashion Lovers:)

I was thinking about practicality…can you be smart about fashion? Can you have one piece of clothing that shapes your whole wardrobe?

Well…let’s see!

I am in love with denim…I’ll be honest and admit that I gave it a go because this year it’s everywhere!

Guess what…I will probably keep denim as one of my favourite styles of all times:)

This week’s fashion post it’s about picking out one or two items from your wardrobe and create endless outfits!

I am sure you all are familiar with outfit building…it’s a terminology used most of the time in fashion retail.

Did you ever thought about how we notice things we like…how we decide to buy that top that we saw in the window display…? It’s all comes down to…outfit building!

2015-02 14_Fotor-1

We look at fashion differently if it’s put into context…would you notice that green bag on its own, or it’s more appealing because it’s part of an outfit?

The trend brings us a fabric, a style, a cut…we decide how we use that in our advantage:)

For this post my lead pieces are…THE DENIM JACKET…and…THE BLOCK HEEL!

2015-06-02 14_Fotor-1

Pick one or two key items from your wardrobe and start outfit building …you will soon realise that you become more smart about what to buy next…that you don’t actually need so many things to look good or even different every day!


Basic tips:

  • Wear what you love but don’t be afraid to try new things
  • I know fashion it’s complicated and not always to our own personal taste…that’s why, re-invent yourself
  • Know your body shape and your limitation…just because it’s in fashion, doesn’t mean you have to wear it
  • Don’t over do it…always keep it simple
  • If you feel good in it…you look good in it too
  • Think outside the box…you might just create the next trend:)

2015-06-0 14_Fotor-1

I like to have a few things that I always mix and match with the rest of my wardrobe:)

Think of a jacket you love…yesterday you’ve thought you can only wear it as part of a casual look…but today, you’ve put it next to a dress…and it actually looks quit amazing:)

When it comes down to fashion you need to be selfish…think what looks good on you and not the rest of the world…be smart and practical when you shop…no point in having too many things that you never wear!

In a nutshell….pick the right pieces and wear them more!

2015-06-02 14.34.07-1

Be creative…use your wardrobe to look good!

Use your favourite items in different styles…look casual and glamorous with the same piece!


Always feel good being you!




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‘Spanish fashion adventure’

” Enjoy life every single day…do what you love and discover the endless possibilities that surround you”

I had the amazing pleasure to spend recently a week in Spain and because of the memories I’ve collected I’ve decided to dedicate this week’s blog posts to spanish fashion, food and fables that will embrace you like the warmest sunshine on a cold spring morning.

No matter where I go in the world, I love to discover new trends, styles, brands I never really paid much attention before, but at the same time I always discover new pieces in my own wardrobe that somehow fit into the whole picture I find myself in.


I really think I went prepared to the beach:)

2015-03-09 22.47.31

A great piece to have in front of your house:)

 I couldn’t avoid ‘La Rambla’, where you can shop and enjoy some of the best tapas that you could imagine, and believe me that there is nothing better than the spanish way of making these dishes…if you think you know how tapas should taste, you are very wrong…the true spanish food you will only find it in Spain.

2015-03-11 20.01.10

La Rambla in Vilanova, a city near Barcelona

2015-03-11 20.00.25

Massimo Dutti window display in Vilanova

I never really go very often in Zara, but for some reason, here it was just calling me in, tempting me with colours, trends and denim, lots of denim:)

2015-03-12 16.46.26

I love a comfortable look as much as the next one…

2015-03-12 16.43.13

Colours, colours…it’s all about personality

2015-03-11 19.36.26

Jack and Jones window display

I must say that it’s been years since I stepped into a J&J store, I was pleasantly surprised how good their clothes still are… denim over denim but brought to you in the cutest way possible…:)


2015-03-11 20.02.22

I really wanted to take that bicycle with me, most of all I wanted that cute denim made chubby dog:)

2015-03-12 16.37.26

Eventually I did end up with a great pair of light grey jeans…and I love to mix and match, so just wait and see what I will come back with next time:)