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‘Juice Diary’ – Day 1

‘Every challenge we conquer makes us stronger.’

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Day 1 measurements: 68Kg…aiming for…’less’

Most used word today…completely in my mind:)…HUNGRY!

This morning I woke up feeling quite proud of myself for starting the Super Juice Me plan…sentiment which lasted approximately two hours, followed by terrible cravings of food…any food!

I’ve juiced all my ingredients and packed my super fuel for the day…and hoped for the best:)

I think today I’ve had one of those moments when I’ve realised how much I love my food and even if I probably will enjoy this experiment, I will miss my beautiful dinners so so much!

I’ve started the day with a Ginger Shot…a very interesting way in boosting your metabolism…juice an apple and a piece of ginger and you have it; your morning breakfast:)

My full shopping list for this week was insane: 32 Apples, 17 Carrots, 6 Cucumbers, 450 g Ginger…cauliflower, beetroot, basil, mint, parsnip, avocados, spinach, kale, limes, oranges…and I can keep going, but it won’t make it any easier to think about what’s coming…28 days of just juice!

More I think about not being able to eat anything else, more I think this is absolutely crazy…but then I have a moment of clarity and I know that any challenge we overcome can only make us stronger, so I decide that I will only think about what is at the end of this experiment…hopefully a healthier and stronger ‘Me’.

It was a busy day…didn’t think too much about food throughout the day, but than dinner time came and as much as I’ve loved my juices today (The Rich Powerhouse and Breath of Fresh Air), I felt hungry…

…and the only way I know how to fight my cravings is just going to bed early…

Day 1 down…27 to go!


Your Juice Girl,



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