Set a trend , be the glamour!

Fashion is not about clothing and make up, style means personality more than anything, be you and make others notice it.

I like to think I have my own style…some people would say I am stylish, but at the end of the day I feel good in my own skin and everyone can see that.

In this post I’ve decided to share with all of you a few little things about fashion, style and what makes me happy when I look in the mirror.


I am not sure if I can say the giraffe print it’s back as I don’t remember it even being in:)

What I can tell you for sure it’s that we all should have one, I mean what’s better than to wear something that makes others smile and not in a ‘make fun way’ but in a genuine put a smile on your face way.

2015-02-07 17.39.03

Go blue or grey just go denim!

That is what everyone is yelling this season and I got to agree with it. I will be perfectly honest with you when I say ‘I have two pairs of denim trousers in my entire wardrobe’ but I am falling back in love with it all over again.

Once, like probably most of you I’ve used to live in my jeans and then gradually they disappeared being replace mainly by loads of dresses. What I can say, I am very feminine after all:)

This years couture promises denim, top to bottom, so it would be unforgiving not to own at least one item.

2015-02-07 16.58.50

The hat trick, as I call it!

I am not a hat ’s person, maybe because I do not really fit the universal size of hats out there, which makes me angry…I mean the makers of these sizes just want to insult you, do they?

Every time you try one on, you feel like you own a pumpkin instead of a head:))

Anyway, I should stop complaining as I was lucky enough to find a fashionable black hat in my size and every time I wear it, I feel ‘tres chic’.

It became one of my trend setting pieces in my wardrobe and I just love it.

PS. Next time more about what’s in, what we should definitely have in between our fashion pieces and one item that I own and would not part with it ever:) 


“Sealed by red lips”

2015-02-01 19.59.24


“The sound of her steps were so familiar to him, but still made his heart rush every time.”


They’ve knew each other for a very long time and a few months ago they’ve started to see more of one another because of work. At the beginning it did not seem to affect anything but soon everything became awkward and just difficult.

Life is never how you plan it or want it; things just come together when you need them to.

Her life was an untold story; always trying not to look back on mistakes and wrong decisions she’s made, just being grateful for the amazing things she’s achieved and hoping she could find the way back to that moment when love was still a reality. Graduating and building a career as a journalist was not an easy ride; marrying the wrong man was more a foolish decision of a very young girl who thought the prince from the story looked more like a business man than a gentlemen and came with a Ferrari not a carriage.

‘You live and learn’, at least that’s what everyone says.

John and Amanda knew each other since childhood, growing up on the same street, playing in the same park and sometimes arguing over who should go first on the swing. Their friendship grew stronger with years and it seemed they will always be in each others life.

But then everything happened… Choices were made, different roads were taken and destiny just had other plans.

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‘Be the best version of yourself’

After 5 days since I’ve set up MyRedPage the decision was made:)

As I’ve been told many times I am a huge fan of organised things…schedules, colour coordination, symmetry, so it’s only fair that everyone who will follow this blog know me for me; that can be the best and maybe sometimes the worst version  of what I can be, my likes and dislikes, strengths and weaknesses.

You may agree or disagree, but the best part in it, is that you can express your view.

A page about me would have a bit of everything I love and enjoy: writing, cooking, follow fashion, watch movies:)

Writing was probably my first passion; forgive my amateur style which I hope will develop with this blog.

Fashion, I would say is a part of me; style can’t be thought, it’s within you! Fashion it’s more than clothing, colour and make up; it’s about showing you personality through your wardrobe and enjoying being you.

Food it’s one of my sins, especially baking; there is nothing I enjoy more than the taste of scrumptious cake knowing I made that piece of art.

My perfect day will always include a movie or a tv show; I plan to share with all of you some of the best movies I ever watched and convince you that there are some amazing tv shows out there which deserve to be part of your life.

Photo Collage Maker_OlJdOH

”Design is a story…creativity is a play”

I’ve decided life can’t be just how we want it…it would be to easy!

Our purpose; just keep trying to make it the way we need it:)

Night night to all the dreamers out there who keep on living it and enjoying the easy and tough.

Instead of hello:)


Welcome back,

Yesterday my husband thought it would be a great idea to capture me while writing my next post…It was a sweet thing and I think it’s a true represantation of what MyRedPage will be.
In the hope you will join this blog in the future, have a little patience because my first story will begin soon.
Wish you all out there an amazing Wednesday:)

Happy Sunday!

Welcome to MyRedPage:)

I never blogged before but for the first time in a very long time I feel inspired. I did not decided yet what I am going to share with all of you out there and what I will keep locked in my little red box…but this is what makes life exciting 🙂 you never know what will be and what could have been.

A friend advised me that I should have a motto to set the scene for what’s coming, I say ‘let’s not start with rules’, I am more a fan of discovering day by day a new story:)

Happy reading!

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