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Writing 101 – Day Fourteen

I really loved today’s prompt…

Today’s assignment: ‘To Whom it May Concern’ – Pick up the nearest book and flip to page 29. What’s the first word that jumps off the page? Use this word as your springboard for inspiration. Write it in form of a letter.

Book: Paulo Coelho, ‘The Valkyries’, page 29…moments

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Dear Moments,

You make me smile and you bring me tears…

But you are a big part of my life and I couldn’t imagine my days without you.

I wish sometimes I could hold on to you for longer just for comfort but then I remember that you are so precious because you’re ephemeral.

You’ve taught me so much along the years but I am sad to say that there are times when I don’t appreciate you as much as I should…maybe because you don’t always make me happy.

Why is that Moments?

Why can you just bring joy to my life without reminding me constantly that the light is followed by darkness…?

I know …I know…the darkness it’s always chased away by light!

If I am honest with myself I know that all that you are, brings balance to my life…the good and the bad, the happy and the sad, the light and the dark…it’s all connected.

From time to time, if I open my eyes, I can see how you are that invisible silver line between all of us…how you join our destinies together…how you create ties that we can’t explain…how you work with the Universe to guide us towards the light.

I often wonder if you already have a written plan or you just know where to be at the right time?

Maybe it’s better to keep that hidden…

I enjoy wondering about your ways and means…your plans, if there are any…but mostly I am happy that I can share you…

Thank you Moments:)

Yours truly,

Just a piece of your Puzzle

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Picture, courtesy of The Daily Post, Writing 101

Note from the author:

I’ve really enjoyed today’s challenge…I didn’t even realise I could be so spontaneous:)))

It was a good exercise and made me think about how, small things in our life…sudden moments…connect us with each other….like the simple choice to join this writing challenge…it was a moment that brought us here:)

Enjoy the JOURNEY!

Writing 101 – Day Thirteen

I’ve just closed my eyes for a second and thought of something I found…

Today’s assignment: ‘Serially found’ –  Today’s Prompt: write about finding something.


” A table for two “

It was late in the evening and I was just happy that we’ve all made it…we were together, feeling happy, enjoying the music and silly jokes.

One of my colleague brought some of her friends along…more the merrier.

“ I always like to meet new people “, thought that crossed my mind.


…and here he was!

I don’t seem to remember the moment I saw him for the first time, but I can still feel his arms around me when he asked me to dance.

Do you know that feeling when everything seems to be in the right place?…it’s like the whole Universe smiles down on you while holding your hand…guiding you towards the unknown and you don’t seem to mind, because you know deep inside, that is the road you should be on…


Love it’s a strange thing… people talk about love at first sight, that uncontrollable feeling of desiring someone with your heart and body…like an every day thing; it’s really not!

People connect with one another on a deeper level…that first look it’s like an invisible bridge we build in seconds hoping that what’s on the other side it’s mainly a reflection of our own soul…yes, because finding love it’s like discovering the other half of your soul, the part that we’ve been missing and need to have in order to be truly happy.

I want to talk about love at first story, because that is one of the reasons I fell in love and found what’s on the other side of that bridge…a part of me I didn’t know I was missing.


We’ve sat down and started talking…and out of nowhere I found myself listening to a story from his childhood…a story that made me want to go back in time and just hug that sweet boy…

I smiled and thought about the last time I felt close to anyone…couldn’t remember!

It took another week until I saw him again…we thought to go back where we first met:)

We were already celebrating the past…that magic that brought us together in the same place at the right time.

But this time, it was ‘table for two’…a bottle of wine and loads of laughter.

I still remember the first kiss…the first beat of my heart when I knew I found love…

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Picture, courtesy of The Daily Post, Writing 101

Note from the author:

We all find things we are looking for in many different ways…but we always find the one thing we need in only one way…being open to the unknown, believing that what is ours, is put aside somewhere and is waiting for the right time to be discovered.

Writing 101 – Day Twelve

This challenge made me think a lot and I found it slightly hard to put my thoughts onto paper:)

Today’s assignment: ‘Dark Clouds on the ( Virtual ) Horizon’ – Write a post inspired by a real-world conversation.

2011-11-03 15.04.50-1

 What if she says Yes? “, he said laughing.

‘It was six o’clock in the morning when he decided he didn’t have the will or the patience to stay in bed…it didn’t really matter as he was wide awake all night thinking about how it will all happen.

What is the perfect scenario?

Did they ever talk about it?

He couldn’t remember…his mind, his emotions were just a huge pile of questions with a thousand possible answers and none of them were even close to what he was looking for.

He thought maybe it would be best to do it some other time, be more prepared, do some more research and make sure he will get it right the first time…’first time’, he smiled…’it’s not like he will get a do-over, he has one chance to do this how he imagined it’.

For the first time ever he had a ‘to do’ list and he was following it to the letter…restaurant reservation – done…dozen red roses – ordered… pick up suit from dry cleaning – must do…make up a story for going out tonight – still thinking…

It wasn’t easy to keep all this hidden for months…eventually he needed to tell someone!

His best friend was…let’s say, amazed…shocked , more likely but very supportive, always saying that after all this well thought out plan, she might actually say ‘YES’ and then what…?

Well, that was the whole idea, no!?

She was his better half and he wanted to spend the rest of his life making her happy…

It was now almost seven o’clock in the evening and he was getting ready to leave the house…flowers – in hand… hair – still not happy with it… suit – just like 007… ring – almost left it on the table…

He could feel his heart wanting to leave his chest…not because he was nervous but because today could the first day of the rest of their life…

What if she says YES?’

DSC06415_Fotor-1 DSC06335_Fotor-1

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Picture, courtesy of The Daily Post, Writing 101

Note from the author:

I wrote this assignment with a constant smile on my face, after all that thinking about how will I write this, I really enjoyed it:)

I hope I did capture the funny side of a sweet situation…I just remember overhearing the last sentence “What if she says yes?” and I just let my imagination fill in the blanks!

Writing 101 – Day Eleven

…and here we go…a new start of the week…a new assignment:)

As usual, I had to add my own twist to it…make it my own:)))

So I’ve tried to describe as much as possible a memory…a moment in time …an image of childhood mornings!

Today’s prompt: ‘Size matters ( In Sentences )’, Where did you live when you were 12 years old? Which town, city, and country? Was it a house or an apartment? A boarding school or foster home? An airstream or an RV? Who lived there with you?


‘A view to remember’

…every morning I would hear the wind playing between the trees…the cold waves embracing the short…

The sun never seemed to be warm enough but each day it brought life to everything…

…the first shine on my cheeks when I just wanted to keep on sleeping, the first light rushing through the corridor and splashing the entire living-room, the first sound of the birds waiting on the window seal…

I never needed anything besides the sunshine…and even today, that first ray of light brings life back running through my veins…it gives me the energy to live a beautiful day and make each and every moment unforgettable.


…those beautiful unforgettable mornings…

When you open your window because the light cannot stand to be out there anymore…

…it wants to come in and fill the house with life…

When even the leaves of your young lemon tree are yearning for the touch of brightness and when the sea is waving back at you with a slight smile.

That one moment when you open the door and you can feel a crisp touch of cold but as you step one forward the sunshine catches your skin and it feels like a sweet cuddle of a warm teddy bear…all you can think of is leaving your slippers on the porch and run-through the sand ’till someone yells: “Breakfast ready…”

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Picture, courtesy of The Daily Post, Writing 101

Note from the author:

Memories are what we see when we turn and look behind us…but at the same time they are the moments that define our present and sometimes our future! Where we lived or whom we met…those unforgettable seconds of a life that has so much meaning…the past…the present…and the future are all one and the same because we are the hand that controls it all.

So take a look back through time and appreciate everything you were because it made you what you are today!

Writing 101 – Day Ten

…now I can say it…I am half way on this amazing course and it’s been one of the best things I’ve set up to do:)

Today’s assignment: ‘Happy’ – Today’s Prompt: Tell us something about your favorite childhood meal — the one that was always a treat, that meant “celebration,” or that comforted you and has deep roots in your memory.


Oh, sweet childhood memories:)

Remember the Friday feeling…

The excitement of the weekend,

The morning sunshine on your cheeks…

The kitchen table full of flour,

The taste of sugar and cocoa powder…

The touch and the love of her hands,

The dough rolling back and forward…

The journey to the cookie land.”

To my wonderful mum, who is my sweetest inspiration!

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Picture, courtesy of The Daily Post, Writing 101

Note from the author:

This assignment brought back memories that are with me every time I open the baking recipe book.

I didn’t realise until today how much those weekends with my mum in the kitchen developed my love for sweetness, how in the back of my mind I still taste her Christmas biscuits and how proud I am to share her love for desserts.

Thank you for taking a short journey into the past along side my love for baking:)

Writing 101 – Day nine

…this morning when I saw the prompt I wasn’t sure which road to take…just one end from one angle or take the challenge of different perspectives; but then again I am not the girl who says ‘no’ to a dare:)))

So here is my version of the story…enjoy reading!

Today’s assignment: ‘Point of view’ – A man and a woman walk through the park together, holding hands. They pass an old woman sitting on a bench. The old woman is knitting a small, red sweater. The man begins to cry. Write this scene.

2015-04-17 13.14.34-1

‘ The wonderful circle of life ‘


It was early in the morning, everyone was still asleep…the only sound one could hear were Katherine’s footsteps across the kitchen floor going towards the door.

She could never sleep past six o’clock, even on a Saturday, but today was a special day so she was more excited than ever…just a few hours ago she became a grandmother and she couldn’t think of anything else but how she will care and love that baby ’til the end of time.

She decided that the best way to pass the time until her daughter will arrive home from the hospital was a morning walk in the park, maybe even finish knitting that small red sweater she wanted to give as a special gift for her newborn grandchild.

The knitted sweaters were a family tradition, nobody ever wore them but there were kept forever as a sign of great love that tied all the generations through time. Katherine used to tell stories about this family habit, why each member received a different colour and how this had a deeper meaning as it was believed to have strong connection to one’s destiny.

She always used to say that she had the gift of seeing people’s auras and see the possible future one could have, even before they were born.

This time she chose red…red for passion and devotion.

She walked for a while through the park and found a good place where she could sit and finish knitting…the sun was getting warmer and slowly the park was filled with sounds of dogs barking, early morning runners, young and old couples holding hands.

Katherine didn’t pay much attention to anyone specific as her mind was far away in the future, imaging new destinies being born…until, she caught a glimpse of a man with tears in his eyes, just a few steps further from the bench she was sitting on.

For a moment she felt so much sadness…”What could have happened?”…but then she thought maybe their were tears of happiness…”’s better to think positive”, she said to herself…


She couldn’t sleep all night…she wanted to tell him so many times but none of those times were right, something was missing.

Kate spent the night thinking about the perfect scenario, the perfect place were she could tell him that their life it’s about to change in the most wonderful way.

…and there it was, the perfect place, right in front of her eyes…she was looking at an old picture taken on the bench, near the lake, where their first told each other how they feel and he got down on his knees and gave her his heart and soul…’how could I’ve missed that?’, she was thinking.

Right…now the question was, how would she convince him to take an early morning walk through the park to the lake?

She had to come up with something really fast as it was nearly eight o’clock and the alarm will soon go off…

She got dressed up, made coffee and waited for him outside on the balcony…this was their morning ritual…trying to absorb the sunshine as much as possible before starting a new day.

Kate made herself a hot chocolate as her doctor advised her to try to give up caffeine while she was pregnant…yes, SHE WAS PREGNANT and for the first time in a while she felt that the Universe looked down on them and smiled again.

This past year wasn’t the easiest for them…with his loss and trying so hard to overcome it; her promotion which took her away from home even more every day…their plan to start a family was put on hold.

…but than something amazing happened…they’ve stopped thinking about it too much and let destiny run its course and now finally what they’ve dreamed off for so long was coming true.

Kate just asked smiling if he would take a walk with her this morning as it was a beautiful day and she missed sitting on the bench, looking at the water and just be together…he was surprised but didn’t question too much as he felt a walk would clear his mind a bit as well.

They were holding hands…she was feeling like a teenager again but all she could think of was how to get there faster, sit down, look into his eyes and tell him the good news.

They’ve passed a sweet lady sitting on the bench, knitting…Kate didn’t pay much attention to it until she saw tears in his eyes.

She looked again at the lady who probably was a grandmother…she assumed…as she was knitting a small red sweater…

…THE RED SWEATER…everything came back to her, she had realised why he got so emotional, she remembered seeing an old picture with his family where his sister was wearing a very similar red sweater.

She was holding his hand a little bit tighter hoping he knew that she was there for him and she understood the pain he was going through…


The past few months were especially hard for Kyle…

He didn’t know how to deal with this shocking loss, so for a while he suffered in silence, until Kate made him open up and share what he was feeling.

The sudden death of his little sister was like a dark black cloud hovering over the whole family and everyone had their own way of dealing with it…his mum didn’t speak for a whole month after the funeral, she spent her days going through all the family albums and crying; his father went every single day to her grave, still having long conversations as they’ve used to have every weekend when she came home…Kyle seemed to be the only one whose perfect routine wasn’t affected by what happened…or so it looked like.

…they’ve used to share everything growing up and he always felt very protective of her, not because she was younger but more because she always seemed to be a little bit too reckless.

He felt guilty…and Kate noticed that right away!

The days just flew by… but every night he would sit in front of the TV, without turning it on, looking into the empty black screen, holding a picture from their childhood in his hands.

For a while Kate let him be and allowed him to suffer in peace until one day when with an unseen rage he smashed the TV screen with the picture frame…he kneeled on the floor and couldn’t stop crying…

It was the first time when he let himself really grieve and Kate knew that the healing had begun…she’d hold him in her arms until the sunrise that night and she felt the pain that his heart was struggling with.

It’s been half a year since then and slowly his soul was healing…the days seemed brighter and he stopped feeling guilty every time he wanted to smile…every now and then there were small things that made him remember the past and even if the pain was unbearable, he didn’t want to forget her… ever.

That morning was one of those moments…that random small knitted sweater in hand of a stranger brought back memories…his eyes were full of tears because every day he was realising how much he was still missing her.

The slight squeeze of his hands he felt coming from Kate was an assurance that it’s ok to feel like this and that the pain will go away with time being replaced just by those wonderful memories that now were a cause of his pain.


Katherine finished knitting that small red sweater and she felt an overwhelming happiness but in the back of her mind she still saw that image of a stranger with tears in his eyes…

Little did she know that walking back she will pass the lake where Kate and Kyle were sitting on their bench full of memories.

She didn’t hear what Kate was telling Kyle but she saw a light coming back to his eyes and tears dropping down…this time she was sure they were tears of happiness.

Kate had a special aura around her and somehow Katherine felt unburdened and free to feel her own joy.

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Picture, courtesy of The Daily Post, Writing 101

Note from the author:

I’ve never been emotional while writing but for some reason this story brought me happiness and pain, all at the same time.

What is the circle of life for you? I’ve discovered that everything around us has a reason to be or not be and every moment we spend questioning things that are out of our control it’s wasting precious time that we could spend being happy.

I am very proud of this post and hope you’ve enjoyed it as well.