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‘Spanish fashion adventure’

” Enjoy life every single day…do what you love and discover the endless possibilities that surround you”

I had the amazing pleasure to spend recently a week in Spain and because of the memories I’ve collected I’ve decided to dedicate this week’s blog posts to spanish fashion, food and fables that will embrace you like the warmest sunshine on a cold spring morning.

No matter where I go in the world, I love to discover new trends, styles, brands I never really paid much attention before, but at the same time I always discover new pieces in my own wardrobe that somehow fit into the whole picture I find myself in.


I really think I went prepared to the beach:)

2015-03-09 22.47.31

A great piece to have in front of your house:)

 I couldn’t avoid ‘La Rambla’, where you can shop and enjoy some of the best tapas that you could imagine, and believe me that there is nothing better than the spanish way of making these dishes…if you think you know how tapas should taste, you are very wrong…the true spanish food you will only find it in Spain.

2015-03-11 20.01.10

La Rambla in Vilanova, a city near Barcelona

2015-03-11 20.00.25

Massimo Dutti window display in Vilanova

I never really go very often in Zara, but for some reason, here it was just calling me in, tempting me with colours, trends and denim, lots of denim:)

2015-03-12 16.46.26

I love a comfortable look as much as the next one…

2015-03-12 16.43.13

Colours, colours…it’s all about personality

2015-03-11 19.36.26

Jack and Jones window display

I must say that it’s been years since I stepped into a J&J store, I was pleasantly surprised how good their clothes still are… denim over denim but brought to you in the cutest way possible…:)


2015-03-11 20.02.22

I really wanted to take that bicycle with me, most of all I wanted that cute denim made chubby dog:)

2015-03-12 16.37.26

Eventually I did end up with a great pair of light grey jeans…and I love to mix and match, so just wait and see what I will come back with next time:)

‘Get your checks on’

This week I took a trip back in time, into the 50s and picked up a few black and white checks:) I always loved monochrome fashion and this year it’s one of the catwalk trends.

Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 23_Fotor_Collage

The King and the Queen

No matter what colour from the rainbow walks the red carpet, black and white will always be centre stage for any trend.

So, I’ve decided that I will definitely take that black and white dress, which makes my curves look more delicious, out on a date…my husband agreed:)))



Colour your work-wear

I really envy those people who can wear their personality to work…bring a splash of colour to professionalism, make it look more like a day out with all your colleagues than a monotone work place:)

I love shopping for blouses and tops, I could spend hours and hours in finding the right one….in my travels on the amazing online boutiques I found a few lovely ones that I think are worth sharing!

What I did love the most is that you can find them in all the colours that this spring fashion brought us.

Our work days just became a little bit brighter…yellow, red, black or white – go ahead and spice up your wardrobe:)

2015-02-08 15.48.32

Colour co-ordination and me:) 

Open any fashion magazine and I can guarantee you will see three things…denim is back…green and yellow rule…love the flower power:)

I probably love green because I am a redhead and it’s the perfect colour with the desire effect; it’s all about how you mix and match. I’ve tried to illustrate this concept in a very simple way with the above picture. You don’t need much to create a style but for me personally, colour co-ordination is really important.

I never was a big fan of mixing everything and just hope for the best:)))

Like everything else in my life, fashion has to go by the rules, but to get the best result, you have to be the centre stage and what you wear is just an extension of your personality.

So go out there and make your brand known…

What’s your ‘something red’?

I was flipping through Vogue this morning while enjoying a hot mocha with a hint of Baileys and I love this year’s trend…full of colour, flowers and birds and most of all, the beautiful polka dots and nautical stripes. I never was, myself, an owner of loads of stripes but what I can say is that you can find a few dots in my wardrobe:)))

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 13_Fotor_Collage

When I’ve said polka dots, I should have mentioned that they never looked better on anything but red!

I saw this dress on and I think it looks just sweet and might I say ‘very in’ fashion .

So if you like what you see, you should definitely join the “polka dot club”.

2015-02-14 07.28.40-1

The secret power of an elegant red heel!

I love red as you might all know by now, mix and match with everything,  but a pair of classy red shoes doesn’t need anything else, it’s a statement piece on its own.

 Never save the best for later, life it’s too short, so go ahead and find that one thing in your closet that makes you feel special or that out-shines any other fashion piece you own and take it out for a walk:)


That little red dress!

Roses are red, violets are blue…and this red dress it’s just for you:)

You can never go wrong with a red piece, especially if this spring you add a military jacket.

This season it’s not about when can you wear red, it’s more about how you wear it, so be adventures and bold; red is not for everyone but no one will stop you trying it!

PS. Next week more about what’s in this season, some stylish work-wear and how I colour coordinate:)

The ‘fragrance’ of a dress

“She put on her dress, turned towards the mirror, smiled and saw the perfect reflection of her style. He was watching her from across the room… walked closer, put his arms around her and slowly kissed her neck, ‘I adore your scent…’, he whispered.”

My Fashion post this week will be about the fragrance of a dress and it wasn’t easy to pick only three as I am in love with a beautiful scent that accompanies a fashion statement piece. 

Hope it will inspire your style:)


The fable of Little Miss Dior

Miss Dior was like a runaway bride once (check the new Miss Dior advert with Natalie Portman), always on her own but with time and the unwritten ‘mix and match’ rule, she met her perfect catch from my rainbow wardrobe, the Little Yellow Dress and together they are still sharing the spotlight:)


The beautiful life of flowers

A very long time ago a so-called Princess found her dream gown, it was the perfect picture of a beautiful rose garden…and every time she saw her reflection she was longing for that blooming garden, to be her heaven. One day a handsome Prince came along and with one true kiss made her one desire reality…from then onwards she wore  her dress with a touch of beauty while enjoying the scent of life.


A touch of euphoria

Between countless colours, shapes and cuts, lived a long forgotten purple dress. Seasons passed, fashion changed but every time I stumbled upon it for some mysterious reason I still kept it. One day out of curiosity I’ve tried it on, turned to the mirror and fell in love all over again…nothing really changed beside the fact that today I was wearing a touch of happiness…forbidden euphoria:)

PS. Maybe you might want to share your perfect scent for your perfect dress:)

‘Looking back on style’

Welcome back to this week’s fashion post:)

Today’s piece includes an interesting discovery that sets a trend, we are taking a peek into my colourful wardrobe and guess who’s a girl’s best friend.


While browsing the web and making a few ‘love at first look’  buys, I’ve realised that for a while now, we keep seeing better looking tops or dresses from the back than the front.

I am becoming a fan… lace, bow or a V cut, they all look pretty stylish to me.

Black and white are back this year so take a look in your fashion heaven and bring those pieces to light.

Make sure you turn heads, as the look from behind is called glamour:)

2015-02-08 12.56.11

A girl loves her shoes and bags…and this year it helps if they are green and yellow!

As most of you I can’t keep count of how many bags or shoes I own but there is always place for new additions:))

I love colour and this spring promises to be one full of it like a rainbow. If you already started to renew your wardrobe, bring the sunshine earlier and add vibrant colours, flowers and some birdies to your fashion statement.

2015-02-07 19.34.32

There is nothing more elegant on a woman than a piece of jewellery worn with finesse.

Put on your most expensive piece and look in the mirror…what do you see?

I’ve realised that to look good and feel even better all you need is one thing that brings everything else together, sometimes is the colour of your lipstick; a pair of amazing looking heels; a new bag or an exquisite piece of jewellery.

So open that box on your dresser and do not forget to accessorise:)

PS. Fashion does not have any value if it doesn’t make you feel good!

Set a trend , be the glamour!

Fashion is not about clothing and make up, style means personality more than anything, be you and make others notice it.

I like to think I have my own style…some people would say I am stylish, but at the end of the day I feel good in my own skin and everyone can see that.

In this post I’ve decided to share with all of you a few little things about fashion, style and what makes me happy when I look in the mirror.


I am not sure if I can say the giraffe print it’s back as I don’t remember it even being in:)

What I can tell you for sure it’s that we all should have one, I mean what’s better than to wear something that makes others smile and not in a ‘make fun way’ but in a genuine put a smile on your face way.

2015-02-07 17.39.03

Go blue or grey just go denim!

That is what everyone is yelling this season and I got to agree with it. I will be perfectly honest with you when I say ‘I have two pairs of denim trousers in my entire wardrobe’ but I am falling back in love with it all over again.

Once, like probably most of you I’ve used to live in my jeans and then gradually they disappeared being replace mainly by loads of dresses. What I can say, I am very feminine after all:)

This years couture promises denim, top to bottom, so it would be unforgiving not to own at least one item.

2015-02-07 16.58.50

The hat trick, as I call it!

I am not a hat ’s person, maybe because I do not really fit the universal size of hats out there, which makes me angry…I mean the makers of these sizes just want to insult you, do they?

Every time you try one on, you feel like you own a pumpkin instead of a head:))

Anyway, I should stop complaining as I was lucky enough to find a fashionable black hat in my size and every time I wear it, I feel ‘tres chic’.

It became one of my trend setting pieces in my wardrobe and I just love it.

PS. Next time more about what’s in, what we should definitely have in between our fashion pieces and one item that I own and would not part with it ever:)