Smooth touch…

Do you remember the time when you have tried something bold?

When your reflection in the mirror made you smile?

Or just a moment in time that made you feel special?

Gosh collage-1

One of my new discoveries is Gosh

A new cosmetics brand for me…but maybe something you, already knew about!

…and if that is true, why didn’t you shouted out loud about it…it’s amazing 🙂

So far I have only tried their lipstick collection…because for now, I am on the rouge adventure…

See below the beautiful kisses that caught my eye!

gosh lips2-1

I’ve always been reserved, when it comes to colours, bold cuts and fancy patterns…

I can’t really tell you what has changed and when…maybe I just grew to trust my choices and not constantly feel the need for outside validation.

Because it’s true what they say…some things come with age and experience…and one of those things is definitely TRUST…mostly self-confidence in who you are and who you could be!


The new…the bold and the somehow fetching becomes our everyday normal and typical us.

It’s probably like riding a bicycle … once you’re back on it, it’s like you have never really stopped.


Your Sweet Lips Girl,



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