Luscious Chocolate…

This week, I’ve chosen to share the many shades of chocolate…

Between milk chocolate, sweet and chilli, white and dark…cacao is one of the most loved ingredients when it comes to delicious desserts… and lipsticks 🙂

Dark burgundy, hazel…chestnut or coffee…dark chocolate and rich burnt caramel…they are all luscious.



I have discovered some of the best shades of brown within the Maybelline New York collection…

Did you ever wished your lipstick could be edible?

I know I have…many times 🙂


This year is all about colour, shades and the invisible line between night and day…

Dark colours are not always meant for everyday all day…or so we thought!

In the past, strong colours in make-up were always associated to evening but today it seems to have crossed that barrier.

My choice has to be Burgundy Blush Maybelline New York…it has a bit of shine and it’s perfectly chocolate 🙂


…but the world is full of shades of chocolate bonbons…

It’s now your turn to find the sweetest one for YOU 🙂

Your Sweet Lips Girl,



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