Red Portrait

There is no doubt that if you follow my blog, you know what is my favourite colour and also that I love to play with the way I display it 🙂

For that reason, this post is somehow closer to my soul…

This week, let’s take a cardinal journey and paint a red portrait…

I have tried and tested many shades of red…to my surprise, there are some that look better than others…and I only mean this when it comes to lipstick 🙂

Between the well-known brands like, Avon, Maybelline, Rimmel, Revlon, Max Factor…I found many that do the job, but not all would be The One.

You have probably noticed by now that my short chronicles are not always brand reviews…I like to play a bit with different products, find the hidden art that they could be, when placed in a contradictory scene.

My Choice…Maybelline New York – ‘Pleasure Me Red 547’

Between all the different products that you could find in the lipstick basket…when it comes to red, I’ve made my choice…

When it comes to art…well, that is a different story 🙂

Avon – Red Tulip

As much as it looks beautiful on the lips (Avon Red Tulip)…on this occasion it was a great way for me to express the appeal of red.

Sometimes it’s about the feeling that we have, when putting on red lipstick…

We feel empowered, more confident and attractive…

Is it because of the colour or because of what we think it means?

I don’t know about you, but I feel like I can conquer the world…me and my red lips 🙂

Dior in a Frame…Rouge Royal 858

…and for those of you who prefer it a bit lighter…take the Rouge Royal and try a Dior Lip Gloss.

Either way, never forget…you are the one who makes it look good!

Always be YOU!

Your Sweet Lips Girl,



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