‘Juice Diary’ – Day 10

‘It doesn’t get easier…you just get stronger’

Juice Diary – Day 10

Most used word today…STRONG!

Welcome to Day 10…

I am having a great week so far…exercising more, enjoying the odd ingredients in my juices and thinking of the future!

A few days ago all my thoughts were focused on how hungry I’ve felt and how much I miss my food…today, I think about how my eating habits could change after this Super Juice Me plan!

Do you remember the beautiful summer mornings that we dream of throughout the cold and dark winter?

Well…it feels like that today…sunny, warm and bright…:) but not just as a sweet dream, more like a very close tangible reality.

When is the last time a juice made out of pear, apple, parsnip, avocado, kale, lime and spinach made you happy?

I guess I am somehow surprised by it as well…

I wouldn’t say that my days are becoming easier, but I think I am becoming stronger…learning how to deal with fake hunger and planning real and healthy changes to my future eating habits.

I’ve always believed change is inevitable…and to be honest I don’t think I have much of a choice here…more I go into this Juice plan, more I feel like I am following a complete detox formula that will fully alter my nutrition.

…and I don’t plan on fighting it…

This change will be a good one!


Day 10 down…18 to go!


Your Juice Girl,



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