‘Juice Diary’ – Day 9

‘The best is yet to come’

Juice Diary – Day 9

Most used word today…CONFIDENCE!

I woke up feeling great…rested and ready to face another week of juicing my brains out 🙂

Just kidding…

As much as I am feeling a bit too juiced up…everything tastes amazing!

All these beautiful veggies, apples…herbs…I mean when is the last time you’ve used basil leaves to spice up your drink?

It is very interesting how as a child I never used to eat spinach and now all I can see in my fridge is bags and bags of greens.

I miss tasting my cooking…and I am not thinking at all about snacking…I miss the look and the smell of a super salad with mozzarella, baby leaves, cherry tomatoes and lemon dressing.

I sound like an addict…I feel like one!

This week I’ve decided that I will try my best to incorporate exercising into my daily routine…I am very conscious about the fact that exercising 1/2 h in the morning and 1/2 h in evening isn’t achievable…I have a full-time job and a life as well!

…a bit of cardio will not kill me and I always feel great after it 🙂

Juicing is becoming a very natural part of my day…I would like to say that 28 is achievable but I am not sure yet.

I have days when I feel 100% that I want and I can do this until the end and some other days when I just feel like I cannot drink anything anymore…but I guess this is normal.

We all react differently to change…most of us oppose it immediately and want to hide in our own bubble; but there is only so much we can achieve on our own.

You should never be surprised when the grass looks greener on the other side…it might be a different seed or just better light 🙂

…I never looked at change as a threat…I never liked it either but I’ve learned to accept it…and once you’re part of the change you also realise that there is so much more out there than in here!

I think that’s how I look at everything new in my life… a chance to be better and do more.


Day 9 down…19 to go!


Your Juice Girl,



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