‘Juice Diary’- Day 8

‘At first they will ask why you’re doing it; later they’ll ask how you did it’

Juice Diary – Day 8

Start of week 2…

Can’t believe I’ve made through the weekend:)

I’ve stepped on the scale this morning…lost 2 kg (4 lb)!

I think that is amazing…looking back that I’ve only exercised in the weekend and not every day as the Juice Diet advises.

I feel very optimistic about this experiment…still feeling hungry but I think this is because I love my food…the good and healthy food…the food that makes you happy once you’ve had it…the food that makes you smile while you cooking it!

This is a long-term love affaire that even Jason Vale’s Super Juice Me plan will not be able to make me give up!

What I do think it’s changing is my self control…my mentality towards what is healthy and what is just an unnecessary craving.

Don’t get me wrong, I am happy I’ve lost weight but I am more proud of the fact that I feel a new me is being born…

I never thought I will make it past the third day…but I guess is the desire to succeed and the fear of failure that pushes us every time we stand against a tall wall that seems impossible to climb.

With this not so small experiment every day is a challenge conquered and a mastery of self-discipline…it’s not just juicing until you’re super green from all the spinach and kale:)

Who ever thought about juicing broccoli stem, asparagus and parsnip…I never did!

I make broccoli soup and roasted parsnip and asparagus…which may I say tastes heavenly with the right spices!

But, we leave in a world that is changing with a blink of an eye…and we all adapt to the new ways of life…different ways of thinking…and even at this light speed of life we somehow turn back to simpler ways of eating healthy.

I guess everything is like a circle…as much as we constantly move ahead, it’s inevitable to get back, where it all started!


Day 8 down…20 to go!


Your Juice Girl,



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