‘Juice Diary’ – The Weekend

If you really want to do something, you will find a way.

If you don’t, you’ll find an excuse.’

Juice Diary – The Weekend

Most used anything:)…Hungry, crazy…pure torture…Success!

I was terrified of the weekend…

What will I do if I cannot help myself and I really really want a snack?

What about Sunday lunch…or even Saturday evening out?

Well…I can honestly say, that it wasn’t that bad…it wasn’t in any way easy, I would say it was a bit of torture at certain times, but I came out alive and kicking:)

I don’t believe I’ve mentioned, but this particular Juice Diet comes with extra instructions besides juicing four times per day…you should also exercise 1/2h in the morning and 1/2h in the evening…which I did not do at all.

I could try to find excuses why I didn’t but to be honest I was too concentrated on being hungry and trying to fight it!

But I really did make up for it in the weekend…well, I really didn’t have anything better to do anyway:)…so cardio was my best friend.

I’ve learned that I can cook without crying a bit inside because I cannot even taste my beautiful dishes and that I feel quite empowered being around people while they are giving in to all their culinary temptations.

Really proud of myself!

My only torture these two days was going out for food shopping…

Can you imagine walking through every area of a supermarket, having all the recipes you will cook the next week lined up in your mind but suddenly realise that nothing that you’ll put in the trolley will be on your plate?

At some point it felt slightly therapeutic as I was shopping every ingredient like I’ve never did it before, I’ve felt excited and anxious at the same time…it was like a short and exhausting love affaire which almost ended in satisfaction:)

My best moment was learning how to make almond milk…

I mean who thought that I will ever drink almond milk let alone make it myself?

This Super Juice Me programme has some perks when it comes to weekend…perks called healthy smoothies, with raw cocoa and banana and maybe a bit of hanuka honey!

It was an interesting first week…

Between the hunger and constant temptations around me; the shattering schedule and early nights; the different ingredients and odd juice taste…I’ve made it!!!

I never felt more rested…thank you to early nights in the hope that sleeping will kill my hunger.

I never thought I could make the end of the first week…thank you for your support…yes YOU, who reads My Red Page and to Jason’s Vale Coaching Video:)

I still have doubts if I can continue…each day is different so you can only take them as they come:)


Day 7 down…21 to go!


Your Juice Girl,



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