‘Juice Diary’ – Day 5

‘Think positive thoughts…sometimes it does help’


Most used word today….AWWWW…thought of the day…To juice or not to juice?!

Well…I never thought I’ll make it to day 5 but here I am:)

Slightly less hungry, more confident and hopefully healthier…

I am completely in love with my morning shots, especially the Ginger one…I think I might keep this ritual for longer.

My juicing days are more interesting and as much as I am surprised of the ingredients I am juicing, everything tastes really good…well at least until today:)

Who thought that I will ever juice red cabbage, cucumber, apple, carrots, tomato, celery and beetroot together?

I would definitely call today…the bad juice day…well, at least not one of my favourites.

I am not even sure how I would describe the taste of this one…no words!

Today I’ve realised that wanting to be healthy it’s not just crazy hard but it doesn’t always have a sweet taste either.

Besides an odd combination of vegetables and fruits, I was thinking all day about the weekend…how am I going to make it?

Weekdays are filled with busy hours at work, early evenings…and great resting nights…

…but the weekend it’s something else:)

Time to relax and be a bit naughty!

Well…not this weekend or any weekend soon.

I think this will be my biggest challenge in this Juicing experiment…having a relaxing weekend with no comfort food; keep busy but still enjoy my days off:)

Here we go…

Day 5 down…23 to go!


Your Juice Girl,



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