‘Juice Diary’ – Day 3

‘If it doesn’t challenge you, it will not change you’


Most used word today…EMPOWERED!

They say any miracle only lasts for three days…so here we are, day 3 in my Super Juice Me adventure and I feel great.

I woke up feeling empowered…

I am fairly conscious that I perceive this whole experiment as a challenge and with every day I master a bit more self control, I am slightly closer in becoming a bit stronger and so much healthier.

I’ve embarked on this rather shaky boat, doubting that I will make it for 28 days…and to be honest at this point I would be happy even with surviving it for 7:)

I am certain that weekdays are easier to get through as I don’t think so much about food…the weekends will be a true test and mastery of self discipline.

My morning shots alternate between the Ginger and the Natural Electrolyte shot, which is perfect because juicing cucumber and celery it’s not my idea of a good morning:)

As empowered I’ve felt this morning, I’ve lost a bit of it during dinner time…


I had to cook…

If you cook, you know that no torture compares to the one I had to go through…preparation of delicious pesto pasta without being able to even taste it…the smell of herbs, olive oil and beautiful italian pasta…it was flirtation at its cruelest edge!

…like the projection of a great date in your mind, which only ends with a shake of hands and no exchange of phone numbers:)

But, I believe everything happens for a reason…and if I’ve made it through this, I can see a small light at the end of the tunnel!

…no surprise that I couldn’t watch anyone having the beautiful dinner I’ve prepared so once again, I went to bad early..


PS. As I’ve mentioned in my first post, this is a juice diet built entirely by Jason Vale, called Super Juice Me. I cannot share complete recipes as the whole plan is property of its creator. But to give you an idea of what kind of juices the plan contains, here is a link to JVs Social Media profile, where he sometimes posts recipes…


Day 3 down…25 to go!


Your Juice Girl,



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