‘Juice Diary’ – Day 10

‘It doesn’t get easier…you just get stronger’

Juice Diary – Day 10

Most used word today…STRONG!

Welcome to Day 10…

I am having a great week so far…exercising more, enjoying the odd ingredients in my juices and thinking of the future!

A few days ago all my thoughts were focused on how hungry I’ve felt and how much I miss my food…today, I think about how my eating habits could change after this Super Juice Me plan!

Do you remember the beautiful summer mornings that we dream of throughout the cold and dark winter?

Well…it feels like that today…sunny, warm and bright…:) but not just as a sweet dream, more like a very close tangible reality.

When is the last time a juice made out of pear, apple, parsnip, avocado, kale, lime and spinach made you happy?

I guess I am somehow surprised by it as well…

I wouldn’t say that my days are becoming easier, but I think I am becoming stronger…learning how to deal with fake hunger and planning real and healthy changes to my future eating habits.

I’ve always believed change is inevitable…and to be honest I don’t think I have much of a choice here…more I go into this Juice plan, more I feel like I am following a complete detox formula that will fully alter my nutrition.

…and I don’t plan on fighting it…

This change will be a good one!


Day 10 down…18 to go!


Your Juice Girl,



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‘Juice Diary’ – Day 9

‘The best is yet to come’

Juice Diary – Day 9

Most used word today…CONFIDENCE!

I woke up feeling great…rested and ready to face another week of juicing my brains out 🙂

Just kidding…

As much as I am feeling a bit too juiced up…everything tastes amazing!

All these beautiful veggies, apples…herbs…I mean when is the last time you’ve used basil leaves to spice up your drink?

It is very interesting how as a child I never used to eat spinach and now all I can see in my fridge is bags and bags of greens.

I miss tasting my cooking…and I am not thinking at all about snacking…I miss the look and the smell of a super salad with mozzarella, baby leaves, cherry tomatoes and lemon dressing.

I sound like an addict…I feel like one!

This week I’ve decided that I will try my best to incorporate exercising into my daily routine…I am very conscious about the fact that exercising 1/2 h in the morning and 1/2 h in evening isn’t achievable…I have a full-time job and a life as well!

…a bit of cardio will not kill me and I always feel great after it 🙂

Juicing is becoming a very natural part of my day…I would like to say that 28 is achievable but I am not sure yet.

I have days when I feel 100% that I want and I can do this until the end and some other days when I just feel like I cannot drink anything anymore…but I guess this is normal.

We all react differently to change…most of us oppose it immediately and want to hide in our own bubble; but there is only so much we can achieve on our own.

You should never be surprised when the grass looks greener on the other side…it might be a different seed or just better light 🙂

…I never looked at change as a threat…I never liked it either but I’ve learned to accept it…and once you’re part of the change you also realise that there is so much more out there than in here!

I think that’s how I look at everything new in my life… a chance to be better and do more.


Day 9 down…19 to go!


Your Juice Girl,



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‘Juice Diary’- Day 8

‘At first they will ask why you’re doing it; later they’ll ask how you did it’

Juice Diary – Day 8

Start of week 2…

Can’t believe I’ve made through the weekend:)

I’ve stepped on the scale this morning…lost 2 kg (4 lb)!

I think that is amazing…looking back that I’ve only exercised in the weekend and not every day as the Juice Diet advises.

I feel very optimistic about this experiment…still feeling hungry but I think this is because I love my food…the good and healthy food…the food that makes you happy once you’ve had it…the food that makes you smile while you cooking it!

This is a long-term love affaire that even Jason Vale’s Super Juice Me plan will not be able to make me give up!

What I do think it’s changing is my self control…my mentality towards what is healthy and what is just an unnecessary craving.

Don’t get me wrong, I am happy I’ve lost weight but I am more proud of the fact that I feel a new me is being born…

I never thought I will make it past the third day…but I guess is the desire to succeed and the fear of failure that pushes us every time we stand against a tall wall that seems impossible to climb.

With this not so small experiment every day is a challenge conquered and a mastery of self-discipline…it’s not just juicing until you’re super green from all the spinach and kale:)

Who ever thought about juicing broccoli stem, asparagus and parsnip…I never did!

I make broccoli soup and roasted parsnip and asparagus…which may I say tastes heavenly with the right spices!

But, we leave in a world that is changing with a blink of an eye…and we all adapt to the new ways of life…different ways of thinking…and even at this light speed of life we somehow turn back to simpler ways of eating healthy.

I guess everything is like a circle…as much as we constantly move ahead, it’s inevitable to get back, where it all started!


Day 8 down…20 to go!


Your Juice Girl,



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‘Juice Diary’ – The Weekend

If you really want to do something, you will find a way.

If you don’t, you’ll find an excuse.’

Juice Diary – The Weekend

Most used anything:)…Hungry, crazy…pure torture…Success!

I was terrified of the weekend…

What will I do if I cannot help myself and I really really want a snack?

What about Sunday lunch…or even Saturday evening out?

Well…I can honestly say, that it wasn’t that bad…it wasn’t in any way easy, I would say it was a bit of torture at certain times, but I came out alive and kicking:)

I don’t believe I’ve mentioned, but this particular Juice Diet comes with extra instructions besides juicing four times per day…you should also exercise 1/2h in the morning and 1/2h in the evening…which I did not do at all.

I could try to find excuses why I didn’t but to be honest I was too concentrated on being hungry and trying to fight it!

But I really did make up for it in the weekend…well, I really didn’t have anything better to do anyway:)…so cardio was my best friend.

I’ve learned that I can cook without crying a bit inside because I cannot even taste my beautiful dishes and that I feel quite empowered being around people while they are giving in to all their culinary temptations.

Really proud of myself!

My only torture these two days was going out for food shopping…

Can you imagine walking through every area of a supermarket, having all the recipes you will cook the next week lined up in your mind but suddenly realise that nothing that you’ll put in the trolley will be on your plate?

At some point it felt slightly therapeutic as I was shopping every ingredient like I’ve never did it before, I’ve felt excited and anxious at the same time…it was like a short and exhausting love affaire which almost ended in satisfaction:)

My best moment was learning how to make almond milk…

I mean who thought that I will ever drink almond milk let alone make it myself?

This Super Juice Me programme has some perks when it comes to weekend…perks called healthy smoothies, with raw cocoa and banana and maybe a bit of hanuka honey!

It was an interesting first week…

Between the hunger and constant temptations around me; the shattering schedule and early nights; the different ingredients and odd juice taste…I’ve made it!!!

I never felt more rested…thank you to early nights in the hope that sleeping will kill my hunger.

I never thought I could make the end of the first week…thank you for your support…yes YOU, who reads My Red Page and to Jason’s Vale Coaching Video:)

I still have doubts if I can continue…each day is different so you can only take them as they come:)


Day 7 down…21 to go!


Your Juice Girl,



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‘Juice Diary’ – Day 5

‘Think positive thoughts…sometimes it does help’


Most used word today….AWWWW…thought of the day…To juice or not to juice?!

Well…I never thought I’ll make it to day 5 but here I am:)

Slightly less hungry, more confident and hopefully healthier…

I am completely in love with my morning shots, especially the Ginger one…I think I might keep this ritual for longer.

My juicing days are more interesting and as much as I am surprised of the ingredients I am juicing, everything tastes really good…well at least until today:)

Who thought that I will ever juice red cabbage, cucumber, apple, carrots, tomato, celery and beetroot together?

I would definitely call today…the bad juice day…well, at least not one of my favourites.

I am not even sure how I would describe the taste of this one…no words!

Today I’ve realised that wanting to be healthy it’s not just crazy hard but it doesn’t always have a sweet taste either.

Besides an odd combination of vegetables and fruits, I was thinking all day about the weekend…how am I going to make it?

Weekdays are filled with busy hours at work, early evenings…and great resting nights…

…but the weekend it’s something else:)

Time to relax and be a bit naughty!

Well…not this weekend or any weekend soon.

I think this will be my biggest challenge in this Juicing experiment…having a relaxing weekend with no comfort food; keep busy but still enjoy my days off:)

Here we go…

Day 5 down…23 to go!


Your Juice Girl,



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‘Juice Diary’ – Day 4

‘Believe you can and you’re halfway there’


Most used word today…CRAZY!

Today I’ve had to travel for work…wasn’t really sure on how it will work, being on the road and juicing but I’ve made it!

I’ve prepared all of the four juices the night before, kept them chilled and added some ice just before I left….all looked perfect.

As good I’ve felt yesterday, today seems to be a bit of a struggle not to have a bite of anything:)

I am truly doubting that I will manage to keep this up for 28 days, so I am reconsidering my options…not thinking about quitting one moment but I am fully aware that it will be difficult to keep this going…might need some tailoring!

I’ve kept busy throughout the day, not thinking about food until one of my colleagues asked me how I feel after a few days of juicing!

I’ve said I feel just fine…because I do…but obviously my face was telling a different story as this person standing in front of me didn’t really believe me.

Her comment made me think: “you say you’re fine but your eyes say something else”.

Is it that my eyes are showing the doubt that I am feeling regarding the hopefully successful completion of this Juice plan or is it something else?

To be honest, I am proud that I’ve managed to make it another day and I will keep going because I feel great…

I might show signs of uncertainty but who wouldn’t?!

At this point I cannot foreseen the next three weeks or even the next few days…my plan is to take it step by step and see what happens:)

This evening I’ve made my all time favourite…tomato and red pepper soup with a hint of fresh basil:)



But not as bad as the day before…I feel I am on the right track!

I sincerely believe that this Juice Plan has so much more to it than loosing weight…because at this point I don’t know if I’ve lost anything but I can guarantee that I’ve been having some great nights of sleep and mastering self control at its finest:)

Day 4 down…24 to go!


Your Juice Girl,



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