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Welcome to week #6 of Camera Lucida Photo Challenge

Journey ( Colour ) Journey ( Colour )

This week’s theme: Journey


Middle English: from Old French jornee ‘day, a day’s travel, a day’s work’ (the earliest senses in English), based on Latin diurnum ‘daily portion’, from diurnus (see diurnal).

1 – An act of travelling from one place to another

1.1 – A long and often difficult process of personal change and development

Journey ( Black&White ) Journey ( Black&White )

The first snapshot was taken a few years back, in late Spring beginning of Summer, when nature wakes up slowly and blooms in the most beautiful colours you could ever encounter. This photo always makes me think of a journey…a route that awakens excitement, uncertainty and questions but at the same time happiness, warmth and relaxation.

The B&W caption is more recent, the colours were very similar with the first…

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‘Red Echo Date’ #9

Looking for inspiration?

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quote 9

Every day is different…

Silence or anxiety, we still need to find ways of dealing with every little thing that comes our way!

I admit that sometimes I feel overwhelmed…too many things are happening instantaneously and I forget how to breathe! Someone told me once that life is stressful enough, we don’t need to add anything to it…and it’s so true.

Sometimes we panic about the future…the future that didn’t happen yet.


We forget to live in the moment and we throw away all our energy on assumptions, predictions and thoughts of what will be.

But that is just human nature!

I think about the future all the time and there are moments when too much anxiety takes me away from the present and then I find that second that can pull me back to reality because I know that I will regret more something I could miss now than any future prospect.

What is anxiety of life?

Is it fear of failure, questions of the unknown, doubt against accomplishment?

I think is all of that and so much more…

How to deal with it…how to conquer it?

…with one breath at a time…

Red Echo Date

Thank you to all of you who shared a thought about last week’s theme!

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Take a moment and visit these blogs and read some inspirational views 🙂

Join us and find some inspiration behind the echo of the week:)

How can you join?

The challenge is about sharing your thoughts behind the quote of the week…it will be your choice the way you do it, it is your echo:)
Write a story…capture the words in a photo or come up with a new quote which shares the same topic!
You can leave your own quote in the comment box or write a new post!
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With each post I will share all of the entries from the previous week:)

This week share your thoughts about anxiety of life!

Your R.E.D host,



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‘Six Word Story’ #1

Story #1

Theme: Loss

He used to bring her flowers.

‘Six Word Story’ is a new writing challenge initiated by Ben at A Hopelessly Wandering Mind!

Thanks Ben for a brilliant idea!

I love trying out new ways of writing and connect with other bloggers who share the same passion 🙂

Your Story Teller,



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‘Tenebrous Tower’ #3 – Dark Embrace

Dark embrace

Click here for Part 1 and Part 2

James continued to hold on tight to the window seal…

Nothing made sense…

The only thing he could do now, was to try and fall asleep, hoping that the morning light will bring along some answers.

He moved slowly towards his travel bag and gently touched the floor…it wasn’t moving!

The air in the Tower seemed to get heavier by the minute so he turned to the window…

There was no window…just four walls!

‘This is impossible’, he thought.

I just moved away from the window a second ago!’, James panicked even more.

He turned to the door, picked up his bag and decided he needed to leave…somehow.

The door looked old but very sturdy, it was probably made from solid wood…it had a broken metal lock on, which somehow gave James a bit of hope…he wasn’t locked up here…the old man was crazy!

As he reached the exit he felt the presence of another person in the room…

James don’t leave me here…’, said the female standing behind him.

His mind couldn’t understand what was happening…he stopped and slowly turned around.

That’s not possible…you’re dead!’, said James to the woman staring at him.

Don’t leave me…’, she said again holding her hand out.

Come…stay with me…’

James stepped into a trance…his mind was telling him this wasn’t real but his heart never felt happier.

His wife died just over a year ago and this journey he took was a promise he made her…it was his way to honour her memory and ask for forgiveness.

 He abandoned his bag on the floor and walked slowly towards the woman dressed in white.

As he was getting closer, she seemed to be further away…

Isabelle…how is this possible?’

Stay with me…’, she said as a dark shadow pulled her into the black night.

‘Noooooooo….’, James screamed trying to reach her.

He fell to the ground and started crying…this must be a terrible nightmare!

This is my punishment…’, he whispered repeatedly.

He felt very tired…his eyes were heavy and full of tears, his legs were still shaking from the encounter…maybe it was best to stay here and sleep for a couple of hours.

…he knew he had nowhere to go.


This post is in response to Andy’s Dark | Side | Thursday...a writing challenge with a twist!

dark side thursday

I love experimenting with new writing styles/themes and topics…I believe it’s the only way to grow as a writer…always try new ways of telling a story, constantly learn from others and yourself and be open to feedback because it will help in the long run 🙂

From the Other Side,



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‘Something Especially for You’

Hello Beautiful Foodies 🙂

This week is the start of my healthy cruise, so hop on and lets see what we have for dinner!


Beautiful chicken and spinach salad

Ingredients: Chunks of oven cooked chicken (served cold), fresh radish, baby tomatoes, handful of spinach, 1 ball of mozzarella, cubes of salad cheese, lemon juice for dressing and salt for taste.

Method: Cook the chicken for 45 minutes in the oven (sprinkle with sea salt and olive oil). I use chicken breast as well as chicken drumsticks. Once ready remove from oven and let it cool down completely. Cut the meat in small chunks, use what you need then and there and refrigerate the rest for next day.

To serve, wash the spinach, strain the excess water and place it in a larger bowl. Add the radish slices, baby tomatoes, cubes of salad cheese and the mozzarella cut in small pieces. Sprinkle with a pinch of salt and dress with juice of half of lemon. Mix everything with a wooden spoon then add the chicken segments.

Add a few leaves of fresh coriander!

You are ready to serve…:)

Chicken and spinach salad
Chicken and spinach salad

I’ve always tried to eat healthy…believe me…its not easy! Mostly because you realise really quickly that cooking healthy sometimes will take more time, more effort and more thought.

Eating healthy doesn’t always mean loads of greens and less fast-food!

Personally I believe it’s all to do with the way we think about food…how much time we are prepared to spend in the kitchen and really reflect on what we are cooking and are we actually doing it right?

This week’s recipe shouldn’t be something new…or maybe it is!

A salad is the most simple dish that you can put together fast and with almost no effort, but behind this very easy recipe there are some basic and essential rules:

  • The chicken should always be cooked in the oven or boiled, never fried
  • Use only lemon juice for dressing
  • Use spinach instead of baby leaves salad because it contains more vitamins
  • Use as little salt as possible, especially because the salad cheese it’s already salty

I usually make this salad for dinner because it’s light and quite full filing …but that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy it for lunch as well 🙂


I hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s choice for a healthier living!

What is your healthy choice?

Your Girl with an Apron,



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‘The Words are: Foggy and Snow’

Stop at the harbour and give in your soul…

Feel the heavy and restless hold.

Harbour Fog
Harbour Fog

Let the wheel of life take you away…

On a cold and snowy day!

Cold wheel
Cold wheel

This post is an entry to Jennifer’s One Word Photo Challenge….Posting two weeks in One 🙂

Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 23.04.00

I would also like to link this post to the Rehab Clinic hosted by Lucile…glad to walk it’s corridors again 🙂

This blog hosted ‘The Photo101 Rehab Clinic’ from 04 to 31 December 2014 and featured over 170 photos made by Photobloggers Andy Townend, Mara Eastern, Cardinal Guzman, DesleyJane, Justine, Amy, Teresa, Albert, Terri, Giving Thought, Ellen, Nalinki, Mariangeles, DwayCrafts, Lucy, Terri, Bampa’s Views, PeaceCrafting, Dreaming of Leaving and Project Easier.

As former patients informed me that the withdrawal symptoms remained active, and new patients recognized the same symptoms, The Clinic – Photo Rehab  reopened its doors.

You can do a self-examination. If you detect any of the following symptoms, as carefully described by Albert from the blog Passionately Curious, come and join us: “Withdrawal symptoms may include the incessant need to carry your camera everywhere with you, the need to wake up in the wee hours to take photos during the golden hour, and checking up on others you met during the course to see what their newfound knowledge has brought fruit to.”

How to join:

Time: The Clinic is open 24 x 7 until the healing process ends.

Camera: You can use any camera, from DSLR, mirrorless, compact, to smartphones.

Theme: Bring your creativity and photograph a theme of your liking in B&W or Color. With or without edition. We like learning techniques as well, if you want to share it with everyone.

Who can join: Anyone can join; and not only former Photo 101 bloggers. All you need is passion. Passion to speak up through images – or words, if you may want to add your thoughts to it as well – showing what you see and how much that is important to you.

Thanks for joining and enjoy it.

The Clinic – Photo Rehab

Here is the link to  add your photos. Knock the wall… and click on the image below:

Just a girl with a camera,



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