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quote 9

Every day is different…

Silence or anxiety, we still need to find ways of dealing with every little thing that comes our way!

I admit that sometimes I feel overwhelmed…too many things are happening instantaneously and I forget how to breathe! Someone told me once that life is stressful enough, we don’t need to add anything to it…and it’s so true.

Sometimes we panic about the future…the future that didn’t happen yet.


We forget to live in the moment and we throw away all our energy on assumptions, predictions and thoughts of what will be.

But that is just human nature!

I think about the future all the time and there are moments when too much anxiety takes me away from the present and then I find that second that can pull me back to reality because I know that I will regret more something I could miss now than any future prospect.

What is anxiety of life?

Is it fear of failure, questions of the unknown, doubt against accomplishment?

I think is all of that and so much more…

How to deal with it…how to conquer it?

…with one breath at a time…

Red Echo Date

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‘Six Word Story’ #1

Story #1

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He used to bring her flowers.

‘Six Word Story’ is a new writing challenge initiated by Ben atĀ A Hopelessly Wandering Mind!

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