‘Tenebrous Tower’ #3 – Dark Embrace

Dark embrace

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James continued to hold on tight to the window seal…

Nothing made sense…

The only thing he could do now, was to try and fall asleep, hoping that the morning light will bring along some answers.

He moved slowly towards his travel bag and gently touched the floor…it wasn’t moving!

The air in the Tower seemed to get heavier by the minute so he turned to the window…

There was no window…just four walls!

‘This is impossible’, he thought.

I just moved away from the window a second ago!’, James panicked even more.

He turned to the door, picked up his bag and decided he needed to leave…somehow.

The door looked old but very sturdy, it was probably made from solid wood…it had a broken metal lock on, which somehow gave James a bit of hope…he wasn’t locked up here…the old man was crazy!

As he reached the exit he felt the presence of another person in the room…

James don’t leave me here…’, said the female standing behind him.

His mind couldn’t understand what was happening…he stopped and slowly turned around.

That’s not possible…you’re dead!’, said James to the woman staring at him.

Don’t leave me…’, she said again holding her hand out.

Come…stay with me…’

James stepped into a trance…his mind was telling him this wasn’t real but his heart never felt happier.

His wife died just over a year ago and this journey he took was a promise he made her…it was his way to honour her memory and ask for forgiveness.

 He abandoned his bag on the floor and walked slowly towards the woman dressed in white.

As he was getting closer, she seemed to be further away…

Isabelle…how is this possible?’

Stay with me…’, she said as a dark shadow pulled her into the black night.

‘Noooooooo….’, James screamed trying to reach her.

He fell to the ground and started crying…this must be a terrible nightmare!

This is my punishment…’, he whispered repeatedly.

He felt very tired…his eyes were heavy and full of tears, his legs were still shaking from the encounter…maybe it was best to stay here and sleep for a couple of hours.

…he knew he had nowhere to go.


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I love experimenting with new writing styles/themes and topics…I believe it’s the only way to grow as a writer…always try new ways of telling a story, constantly learn from others and yourself and be open to feedback because it will help in the long run 🙂

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