‘Something Especially for You’

Hello Beautiful Foodies 🙂

This week is the start of my healthy cruise, so hop on and lets see what we have for dinner!


Beautiful chicken and spinach salad

Ingredients: Chunks of oven cooked chicken (served cold), fresh radish, baby tomatoes, handful of spinach, 1 ball of mozzarella, cubes of salad cheese, lemon juice for dressing and salt for taste.

Method: Cook the chicken for 45 minutes in the oven (sprinkle with sea salt and olive oil). I use chicken breast as well as chicken drumsticks. Once ready remove from oven and let it cool down completely. Cut the meat in small chunks, use what you need then and there and refrigerate the rest for next day.

To serve, wash the spinach, strain the excess water and place it in a larger bowl. Add the radish slices, baby tomatoes, cubes of salad cheese and the mozzarella cut in small pieces. Sprinkle with a pinch of salt and dress with juice of half of lemon. Mix everything with a wooden spoon then add the chicken segments.

Add a few leaves of fresh coriander!

You are ready to serve…:)

Chicken and spinach salad
Chicken and spinach salad

I’ve always tried to eat healthy…believe me…its not easy! Mostly because you realise really quickly that cooking healthy sometimes will take more time, more effort and more thought.

Eating healthy doesn’t always mean loads of greens and less fast-food!

Personally I believe it’s all to do with the way we think about food…how much time we are prepared to spend in the kitchen and really reflect on what we are cooking and are we actually doing it right?

This week’s recipe shouldn’t be something new…or maybe it is!

A salad is the most simple dish that you can put together fast and with almost no effort, but behind this very easy recipe there are some basic and essential rules:

  • The chicken should always be cooked in the oven or boiled, never fried
  • Use only lemon juice for dressing
  • Use spinach instead of baby leaves salad because it contains more vitamins
  • Use as little salt as possible, especially because the salad cheese it’s already salty

I usually make this salad for dinner because it’s light and quite full filing …but that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy it for lunch as well 🙂


I hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s choice for a healthier living!

What is your healthy choice?

Your Girl with an Apron,



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15 thoughts on “‘Something Especially for You’”

  1. I also found your photos very inviting. I’ve tried a similar recipe, minus coriander. What other fresh herb could be used instead to compliment the salad? Also, I’m not familiar with the term “salad cheese”, since you’ve already got mozzarella as an ingredient.

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    1. I use coriander for a stronger flavour but you can do it without…no need for any other herb:) the best translation I can give you for salad cheese is feta cheese/Greek cheese….is that familiar? I use both because one is bland in taste and the other salty…use just mozzarella and sprinkle it with sea salt:)

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  2. We are trying to eat more fruits and vegs. (We don’t do fast foods, just too heavy on beef and starch) Showed husband your great photo of salad. He agreed…let’s give it a try. He is not crazy about chicken, so maybe we can do as our salad substitute:) Thanks for sharing:) denise

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Denise, I was thinking what else you can use instead of chicken, if it’s not your favourite…if you enjoy pork- pulled pork it’s very tasty in salads:)
      I also love potato in every shape and form but I also know it’s not very healthy, so I try my best not to overdue it:)…it’s not always that easy:)))
      I hope you will try the recipe with the replacements you like better!

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