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This week’s quote is about choices…

I’ve always believed that when the moment comes I will know which road to follow…but it’s not always that simple!

Every day we have to make choices…from the most simple ones of what to eat for breakfast to more complicate ones that may change our life entirely and sometimes we take them without thinking too much or analysing endlessly…

But there are moments in our lives when choosing doesn’t make us feel more confident in what’s expecting us in the next chapter, it feels more like a hill we are not sure we should climb.

Some will say…’be happy to have a choice…not everyone does’!

It is true…we should feel privileged when the power it is in our hands…but that doesn’t make it easier, because with every choice we make, a new path is born and how do we know if it is the right one?!

If I think about it more than I should…our whole life is a limitless line of choices and maybe it’s ok not to be sure of some because sometimes you just have to have faith it will work out.

Did you make your choice?

Was it the right one?

I would love to read your thoughts on it…

Red Echo Date

Here is a quick sneak peak in last week’s quote about ‘change’!

Thank you to everyone who shared their thoughts and words of wisdom ūüôā

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A special mention to Jessie and her post about The Million Dollar Plan – an entry for last week’s theme!

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Dark light

For Part 1 click here….

He was shaking terribly and kept repeating the same words…’This is a nightmare…This is a nightmare!’

Suddenly there was silence…

He lifted his head and looked around…it was too dark to see anything!

Maybe it was a dream…a very dark dream.

Slowly he tried to stand up when he felt a cold touch on his shoulder…his heart turned into stone and for a few seconds he felt there was no air to breath.

This would be his end…

…and many years from now, someone lost as him would find his body and assume he was a¬†homeless who¬†starved to death.

He turned and saw an old man holding on to a half-broken stick with great difficulty to breath:

There is no way out of here…if that’s what you’re thinking about”, said the old man.

Who are you and what’s happening?”

The wooden floors started moving…the walls were breaking all around them and the tower roof opened up to the dark sky with the full moon looking down into oblivion.

What’s happening?”, James was shouting as loud as possible trying to hold on to the window seal.

the old man raised his arms to the moon letting his broken stick drop between the floor cracks…

There is no light at the end…just darkness…”, said the old man.

All of a sudden the floor was back to its old self, the walls stopped moving and the hole in the roof closed slowly, leaving the room in total darkness. James was still holding on to the window seal with his whole body trembling.

The old man sat down on the floor and covered his body with a blanket.

You too belong to it, now”, he¬†whispered.

Belong to who?”, asked James scared.

To the Tower…we will never leave…”, he said closing his eyes and¬†resting his head on the rough wall.


This post was written in response to Dark | Side | Thursday, a great new challenge that Andy is hosting every week:)

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PS. #3 of the Tenebrous Tower coming soon…

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