‘Camera Lucida’ – Black and Green

Welcome to week #5 of Camera Lucida Photo Challenge 🙂

This week’s theme: ‘Black and Green’

I took these pictures last week and every time I page through my collection of Nature snapshots I stop a bit more and admire the simple but amazing features that our environment can express.

This week’s theme can be anything black and green that captures your attention…might that be a new piece in your wardrobe, your favourite flag, a beautiful plant within your garden that you care for a little bit more than for the rest…or just let your imagination go and play a bit with photoshop 🙂

Your entries should have the colour black and green in the photo…and anything else that inspires you 🙂

I am very excited to see your interpretations of this week’s theme and admire your work at The Gallery!

What will be you B & G?

How to join us?

Follow your host and share each week your own vision of the theme.

Create a new post with the title CAMERA LUCIDA followed by the theme name.

The content of the post is completely down to you, share just the photo or be even more creative and tell us the story behind the scene, make it your own.

Feel free to use the ‘Your Gallery’ badge in your post and link back to the last Camera Lucida challenge or just leave a link to your post in the comment box.

Please upload your entry every week starting from Wednesday to ‘Your Gallery’ which I am hosting through InLinkz, by clicking on the ‘Your Gallery’ badge below.

You will have seven days to introduce your snapshot to everyone.

While visiting the exhibition please stop and appreciate the other artists, share honest feedback and be supportive.

At the end of each challenge I will share with you all the entries which were shown at the gallery and introduce you to their makers.

Camera Lucida - Your Gallery

An exhibition where your visual perception captures the world and gives life to a new story.

Thank you so much for participating in last week’s photo challenge and for being so supportive of Camera Lucida…sharing your love for photography makes me feel honoured to be your host at The Gallery 🙂

Here are the Nature’s Desserts:

YEN and her Dragon Fruit

GUN and his Cherry Tree 

DEB and The Tomato Tart

JOHANNA and her Italian Market

MARK and his Lime Mixer

JESSICA and her Honeysuckle

Take a moment and visit these blogs…you will love them:)

Thank you again for your beautiful entries…hope to see you this week as well!


Your Gallery Host,



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‘Your Healthy Option’

Welcome back Foodies:)

Step into my Secret Kitchen Corner, grab a spoon and tell me what you think!

This week I am bringing you my all time favourite and best creation…Tomato, basil and red pepper soup.

Tomato, basil and red pepper soup
Tomato, basil and red pepper soup

This recipe serves 3 portions.

Ingredients: 1 red pepper, butter, black pepper, dried chilli flakes, clove of garlic, 1 onion, few leaves of basil or a 1/2 tsp of dried basil, salt for taste, 270 ml vegetable stock ( 270 ml hot water, 1 cub of vegetable stock ), 800 g plum tomatoes already in their juice ( I usually buy these ready-made from the supermarket ). Do not use fresh plum tomatoes, the taste will not be the same.


Method: Use a sauce pan to sauté all the ingredients.

Melt the butter, add the chopped onion and garlic, slice the red pepper and add it to the pan. Sweat these ingredients over low heat for a couple of minutes than add the basil leaves, salt, pepper and chilli flakes and mix everything with a wooden spoon.


Add the plum tomatoes and vegetable stock, cover the pan with a lid, bring it to boil once then leave it to simmer over medium heat for about 20-25 minutes.


Once it’s ready, transfer everything into a blender and blend it until you have a thick creamy texture.


If you are familiar with creamy soups you will know that most of the recipes advise you to add cream to the mixture…I never do…I believe it is healthier without and with a spoon of fresh greek yogurt at the end,  it’s just right 🙂

Serve with beautiful thick yogurt and fresh warm baguette!

Enjoy 🙂


Bon appetit!

Your Girl with an Apron,



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