‘Red Echo Date’ #7

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quote 7

This week’s quote is a slight extension of our discussion from last week about planning and trusting.

Did you ever wonder why do we plan if we might change it all again?

Reading this quote, makes me think of one thing only…our future is not set in stone…we might not believe it but we do have the power to change it.

If you ever felt like your path was decided for you…this moment can be your start in taking charge of your own destiny. Nothing in this life is certain but what is always present is our own will and power to change for the better.

As intelligent people, we always thrive to do better…achieve more…constantly improve and even so, change is not something we consistently welcome with arms wide open.


Do we only accept change when it has a direct and positive effect on ourselves?

Yes…and it’s only human to feel like that!

How do you deal with change?

Is your future an open book or a well written story?

Red Echo Date

I want to thank all of you for joining R.E.D and sharing your thoughts behind last week’s quote about planning and trust:) It was and still is a topic that makes you think about the way you look at life and how much do you actually leave it in the hands of destiny!?

Here are the entries of some wise minds that took time and shared their thoughts with us:

Sarah and her ‘no plan’ rule

Jessie and Trust and Relationships

Vinneve and Words of wisdom

Join us and find some inspiration behind the echo of the week:)

How can you join?

The challenge is about sharing your thoughts behind the quote of the week…it will be your choice the way you do it, it is your echo:)
Write a story…capture the words in a photo or come up with a new quote which shares the same topic!
You can leave your own quote in the comment box or write a new post!
If you decide to write a brand new post about it, copy the R.E.D logo, ping back to the last Red Echo Date post and tag it #redechodate so others can find it in the Reader or leave a link of your entry in the comment box:)
With each post I will share all of the entries from the previous week:)

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8 thoughts on “‘Red Echo Date’ #7”

  1. I think your reflection on whether we are more open to accept change when its positive is extremely resonating. I suppose we have to learn that often the “positive impact” only tends to come after some frustration, discomfort and down periods. The question is then how do we deal with that? Are we able to transform it?

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    1. Really good point:)
      I think everyone deals with it in a different way, some might enjoy the positives more because they went through fire to get it and some might not be able to see the positives even if they are right there.
      I feel that sometimes going through frustration takes away the enjoyment but other time it makes me appreciate the change that it’s happening and accept it.


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