‘Red Echo Date’ #6

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Why not join R.E.D quote challenge…this week it’s all about planning or trusting:)


quote 6

I do wonder sometimes if there is anyone out there…that can actually not plan, not think of planning or not be consumed by trying to control every aspect of their existence.

As simple as it might sound…it is extremely hard to let go or even just breathe! If you stop for a second and think about it, it’s silly…because you breathe every second of every minute, but the moment you have to think about it…everything becomes much harder.

Most of us are definitely organisers….head planners of our lives and we like to think we are in control of our own destiny…but are we?

When was the last time you let something in the hands of chance?

It’s not easy, isn’t it?

I’ve personally never liked to plan…I do believe that you can forge your own path and fight for what you want but at the same time there is a…

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