‘Red Echo Date’ #4


I wanted to start this week’s R.E.D post by extending a huge thank you to all of you who’ve been absolutely amazing…supporting the launch of ‘One quote…endless stories’!

Your feedback and encouragement means the world to me and I hope more of you will feel inspired and join our quote challenge.

From today you can also find Red Echo Date on the The Daily Post – Blogging Events…which makes me so so so happy:)

This week’s echo…tell us your own take on it!

red echo #4

Did you ever think about were you are right now?

Are you where you want to be?

I ask myself constantly…what do I really want and if one day I will achieve it, will I know?

Though questions…

I guess life will always be a long journey to destination we sometimes know or we will be surprised by it when we’ll get there!

The moment we live right now, should be the only one on our mind…so stop thinking about what once was or what one day will be and be sure you’re not missing anything NOW!

…the biggest regret we can have is that we are to overwhelmed with things we cannot change anymore or too tangled in what we could change for the future and miss the opportunities life is offering us today.

Those little moments that mean so much…memories we could never recreate again…don’t let them pass you by…live your life in the present!

What if your only chance is now?

Let the past be behind you and stop worrying about things that didn’t happen yet!

…you might miss a chance of a lifetime.

Carpe diem is not just an ancient expression…it’s the core ingredient to our journey.

Live today…now…this second!

Look around you…listen to that voice inside you…and live each moment as it is today because you might be in the right place at the right time…and you definitely don’t want to miss that:)

Red Echo Date

I’ve added Red Echo Date to my blog to be a source of inspiration for myself and for others…

From my previous R.E.D posts I have to share with you one entry that is pure inspiration and that belongs to MasterSelfTherapy. Please take a moment and read this post…these are the moments when I feel that what I do truly makes a difference!

For all the words of wisdom from my previous quotes, just visit R.E.D #3¬†ūüôā

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‘Black Blizzard’

Look down into the blizzard,

Let the storm snatch the light…

Take your thoughts with the tempest,

and shield your darkness without sight.

Dark sandstorm

This post is an entry to Jennifer‘s One Word Photo Challenge, this week’s theme is Sandstorm!

If you enjoy photography, take a moment and check out this challenge…I find it very interesting each week:)

Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 23.04.00

I would also like to link my post to Andy‘s Dark | Side | Thursday….a new challenge that keeps me coming back every week:)

Do you have a dark side? Would you like to share it?

Join us for a different kind of challenge…

Screen Shot 2015-05-30 at 23.58.18

Why a poem?

Why photography?

These are questions sometimes I ask myself…

I guess I can embed my feelings and my thoughts in metaphorical expressions and visual perspectives…

A picture is indeed worth a thousand words…but deep feelings are hidden in well chosen words:)

How do you express yourself?

Your New Found Poet,



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