‘Pick your Red’

Hello Fashion Enthusiasts:)

This week so far was one of my busiest in a while so I am a bit late with my column but…I have something really good up my sleeve:)

Your ‘must have’ red fashion pieces that should be hanging in your wardrobes

Red Style

It might seem that I am being subjective here because RED is my favourite colour but it’s so much more than that. We brought red with us from the Autumn/Winter collection 2014/2015 and it’s still going strong…from the red carpet of Cannes to street style in London.

Red comes as one of the hottest colours from New York Fashion week…but if we really think about it, we don’t wear red because it is in fashion or because celebrities are seen in it!

We wear RED because it’s beautiful…it makes us feel a bit out of our comfort zone if we don’t wear it very often…it makes us feel special when we really need it…adds that touch of colour that gives us confidence!

What is your RED fashion piece?

It might be a pair of red heels you only take out on Christmas, that red necklace you love but never really know when to wear it, a jacket you received as a gift and just can’t make up your mind if it represents you or not…or you are like me and every other item in your wardrobe is red…:)

Either way…if it is a clothing item or an accessory, don’t be afraid to go bold and pick RED!

I love to wear red with black…I think the contrast is so massive but at the same time it creates the perfect colour combination. I would also only recommend it for autumn/winter!

For the summer season a mix and match with white or denim will be the ideal outfit building choice:)

What do you think…can red be your new favourite?

Your Fashionista,



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