‘The Wave of Seasons’

The Spring Twister
The Spring Twister
The Summer Tornado
The Summer Tornado
The Autumn Storm
The Autumn Storm
The Winter Cyclone
The Winter Cyclone

Today’s Photo 101 assignment – Triumph & Contrast

I hope you’ve enjoyed my collection of season triumphs:)

Screen Shot 2015-06-08 at 16.50.14

I am also posting for Jennifer’s One Word Photo Challenge...this weeks word is Tsunami:)

Definition of Tsunami

 – a large, often destructive, sea wave produced by a submarine earthquake, subsidence, or volcanic eruption. Sometimes incorrectly called a tidal wave;

– a sudden increase in or overwhelming number or volume of

My interpretation took a different turn…enjoy the tsunami of nature:)

Your Beautiful Storm,



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3 thoughts on “‘The Wave of Seasons’”

  1. I love this interpretation! Beautiful images.
    Are you enjoying Photo 101? I did it in November. It pushed me a lot and was quite fun, but I sometimes had to take a step back and be like ‘it’s okay if you don’t post today, this is for fun, remember?’

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