‘Red Echo Date’ #3

Welcome back to ‘One quote…endless stories’:)

echo date 3

I’ve read this quote a few times and it made think…is it true?!

Do we truly begin to live when we step out of the shade?

If I think back to the most important moments in my life, they all are a manifestation of overcoming a challenge…an achievement after pushing the boundaries…a decision made after endless weighting of possibilities…a moment when I’ve considered a risk and I felt that my life will take a turn for the better if I’ll follow it.

What is your comfort zone?

Sometimes I feel that I live in my own bubble and the outside world is far from my reach… but then comes a point when I feel the need to escape…to experience a different reality from the one I call my own…I guess those are the seconds when life truly flows between my veins.

It is hard to admit when do we truly feel alive…what is that makes us chase our dreams…when is the turning point that pushes us outside our comfort zone.

Most of us associate that intense feeling of being alive with extraordinary events that makes us question how did we even lived before…

Do you remember when you’ve met that special someone…did you ever thought that your life will never be the same again? When you’ve passed all of your exams, did you feel like you’ve taken the first breath of air? The second you’ve reached your goal, did you feel more alive than ever?

Do you know when your life began?

Red Echo Date

I’ve introduced a few weeks ago a new column to my blog, Red Echo Date, through which I am inviting everyone who would like to take part in a weekly challenge!

How can you join?
The challenge is about sharing your thoughts behind the quote of the week…it will be your choice the way you do it, it is your echo:)
Write a story…capture the words in a photo or come up with a new quote which shares the same topic!
You can leave your own quote in the comment box or write a new post!
If you decide to write a brand new post about it, copy the R.E.D logo, ping back to the last Red Echo Date post and tag it #redechodate so others can find it in the Reader or leave a link of your entry in the comment box:)
With each post I will share all of the entries from the previous week:)

Here are last weeks participants:) Read their words of wisdom here…R.E.D #2

Thank you for your support:)

Britta from https://brittabottle.wordpress.com

Yen from https://xiaohuamaobiji.wordpress.com

Tresa  from https://tresameyerclark.wordpress.com

Hope to read all of your stories and hear your echoes very soon:)




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‘Adjust the View’

Today’s Photo 101 assignment – Double & Rotation

Screen Shot 2015-06-08 at 16.50.14

This was one of the most interesting challenges I’ve done because of the different perspectives of a snapshot:)

Enjoy the Double View:)

Summer Colour

On a summer morning shine…

Purple petals come to light,

Fallen on the distant rock

Capturing a lonely walk.

IMG-20110212-00099-1 IMG-20110212-00098-1

Winter Blanket


Adjusting your view,



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