‘Looking in…’ Day #5

I was thinking how will I interpret today’s assignment…

I did not have the chance to take a picture through a window…but I’ve managed to capture something else that made me smile…

The view from the other side
The view from the other side

This is how I felt before I took the picture…closing my eyes and hoping that when I will open them, there will be something amazing in front of me to capture…and so it was:)

Today’s Photo 101 challenge was Glass, squared…looking through a window:)

Browsing through my photo collection I’ve found two other pics that I think are somehow in theme today:)

Hope you’ll enjoy it too:)


There is nothing like home…

…and even if this picture is not an image of my home, it still makes me feel welcomed, an emotion I hope you’ll have looking at it!

This post is my final one for the ‘5 Day 5 Photo’ challenge from my lovely fellow blogger at http://kyrosmagica.wordpress.com

Thank you again for this challenge…really enjoyed it:)

I will leave the nomination part open…

If you need a challenge…a small push to try something new…join the ‘5 Day 5 Photo’ team and get posting:)




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