‘Cropped between colours’

The new trouser length…we are wearing it cropped:)

How do you wear it?

Welcome back to your fashion column!

This week we are going to discover the best way to wear cropped trousers:)


Personally I find shorter length trousers easier to wear!

Looking good and feeling great when wearing trousers should not be a difficult thing, but what we definitely always need to take into consideration is our body shape and whatever the style makes us show off our best features.

Most of us are used to a certain cut…may that be skinny, boot-cut, straight and sometimes is hard to get out of that familiar ground and step into a brand new territory!

This Spring/Summer catwalk goes over the boundaries and cuts everything above the ankle, so get ready to wear it:)

Key styles to wear with cropped trousers:

  • As it gets skinnier to the bottom, it will do wonders for your silhouette
  • One of the best ways to get the most out of this cut is to wear them with heels but at the same time they will go with anything from flats to brogues
  • Mix and match with a tailored jacket or a cropped top

2015-06-30 20_Fotor-1

Cropped trousers are the biggest and best style so far for this year’s trend, they come in every design possible from day wear, street, office or parties with one purpose – to replace anything else in your wardrobe:)

What do I love the most is that they also can be found in a variety of fabrics which makes them even more practical…my favourite is jacquard but I would never say no to a monochrome print either:)

Five things you should never forget

  1. Keep it simple but add a bit of flash – a statement t-shirt and a plain colour heel or an every day shirt and flats with some personality:)
  2. Autumn/Winter tip – Pair it up with boots and oversized sweater – you cannot go wrong
  3. Skinnier the better
  4. Try something new – wide leg cropped might be the change you’ve craved for
  5. Get the right cut and it will become your wardrobe favourite

Here are some suggestions for mix and match footwear:)

Enjoy a fashionable week:)




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‘Looking in…’ Day #5

I was thinking how will I interpret today’s assignment…

I did not have the chance to take a picture through a window…but I’ve managed to capture something else that made me smile…

The view from the other side
The view from the other side

This is how I felt before I took the picture…closing my eyes and hoping that when I will open them, there will be something amazing in front of me to capture…and so it was:)

Today’s Photo 101 challenge was Glass, squared…looking through a window:)

Browsing through my photo collection I’ve found two other pics that I think are somehow in theme today:)

Hope you’ll enjoy it too:)


There is nothing like home…

…and even if this picture is not an image of my home, it still makes me feel welcomed, an emotion I hope you’ll have looking at it!

This post is my final one for the ‘5 Day 5 Photo’ challenge from my lovely fellow blogger at http://kyrosmagica.wordpress.com

Thank you again for this challenge…really enjoyed it:)

I will leave the nomination part open…

If you need a challenge…a small push to try something new…join the ‘5 Day 5 Photo’ team and get posting:)




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