‘Rabbit hole’ Day #3

The rabbit hole
The rabbit hole

The sound of hefty steps above made him stop…

It must have been his imagination.

The heavy storm was bashing the windows,

Someone left it open…but no one else lived there.

Through the darkness of the night he saw a shadow…

followed by a bitter cold touch of his shoulders,

He turned, frightened to the bone.

The shade of a creature was swallowed by the ground…

Descending with great speed to the bottom of his feet,

He saw the old and broken past…

Looking down the rabbit hole!

This post it’s a response to Andy’s Dark | Side | Thursday

I hope you’ve enjoyed a few seconds of fright-night:)

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This is Day 3 for my ‘5 Day 5 Photos’ challenge!

I was nominated by http://kyrosmagica.wordpress.com, thank you very much:)

My turn to pass the torch…to David from http://tolivehappily.wordpress.com🙂 For 5 days share 5 photos and 5 stories…your choice of how you want to express your thoughts!

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‘My Red Vision’ Day #2

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Muse.”

That Little Red Dress…

Caressed by the warm ocean,

The Red rose petals…

Taken on a journey by the wind,

My endless Red World…

Invites you to join in!

My muse was and always will be the colour red…It inspires me no matter where I am:)

I consider it a form of personal art…almost like a part of me that I am trying to recover!

My Red Page is a result of my inclination towards everything that life paints red and the endless desire to share my complete adoration for all that it represents…passion, power, danger, love and pain!

I am also posting for Photo Rehab – The Clinic initiated by Lucile…take a look at her weekly Wrap Up to meet some amazing bloggers and photography patients who walk the Clinic’s long corridors with an extraordinary artistic eye for their surroundings:)

Today’s post is Day 2 for my ‘5 Day 5 Photo’ challenge, initiated by my lovely fellow blogger from kyrosmagica🙂

Thank you very much for the nomination:)

It’s my turn to nominate for the second day…Fimnora Westcaw, if you’re interested, take advantage and share your world through images:)

Happy Sunday Everyone!




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