‘Black Dream’

Black dream
Black dream

This is Part Three of a short story written for the Dark | Side | Thursday hosted by Andy.

To read the first two chapters please click here…Part One Dark Corner and Part Two The Passage🙂

…with every step she took, her salvation seemed to become more real.

She could only see a part of the bridge, which made her doubt herself and the possibility of reaching the other side.

Her nemesis now had a face…a rigid look with strong arms and determined to decide her faith.
As she saw his sword crossing through the air towards her chest, for a moment she saw her entire life flashing before her eyes…

“ she was twelve when she realised that life will never be the same again…that everything she hold dear was taken brutally away from her.
The years that came after were filled with darkness…loneliness and terrible choices which she never seemed to mind, until she met him.
He pulled her out of the dirty mud, washed her sins away and gave her a choice…she had many doubts about herself and never stopped questioning his reasons for helping her.
Life somehow turned around for a split of a second, but just until her past caught up with her. She had to pay her dues…sins don’t just wash away with water, she always said”

…and today her day has come.
She needed to live…she needed to hope if she ever wanted to see him again.
She raised her sword against her punisher and cut into his flesh…when she pulled back, her blade was dripping blood.
Her arms felt an intense strength that filled her whole spirit…she looked at the bridge again…this time she would have to run.
The choice was simple…a possible salvation or a painful death.
She turned around…she wanted to live…
She raced to the bridge and before she could step across to the other side, she heard his voice screaming her name.
Nothing could stop her now…
There was only darkness on the other side…and a warm voice pulling her across.
…suddenly she felt a heavy touch on her shoulder, she looked back…her nemesis was bleeding heavily but still had the power to follow her to the bridge.
This was the moment she would remember forever…
She pulled her blade closer and with fear and pain forced it into his chest, right through his heart.
His dark eyes became empty as he fell back towards his death…
…all turned into black.

Blood Red
Blood Red


Beth woke up screaming…the sound of the heavy rain scared her even more.

It was just a dream…

I’ve never written anything dark before…it was an interesting challenge which I will continue to explore because it helps my writing develop:)

I hope you’ve enjoyed the story…should I say…the dream!

If you read all three parts I would love to know your thoughts on it…did you realise it was just a dream?

Your Soon to be Writer,



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