‘Be connected’

Everything is connected…

Every action has an equal or opposite reaction,

Even if we might fail to see it, our lives are linked to one another…

There are moments when we realise how small our world is and how wonderful are the ties we create,

Never forget that you weren’t born to be alone…

You are here to design the tether that will allow you to share your life with others,

Love it…connect it…embrace it:)

Keeping together
                                                Keeping together
The bridge to you
                                               The bridge to you
Unlock the beauty
                                                  Unlock the beauty
Joined with steel
 Joined with steel

Another great day for Photo 101 assignment…some pics are older and I think they fit perfectly with the theme and some were taken today – my challenge was Connect & Tags!

Screen Shot 2015-06-08 at 16.50.14

Always be connected,



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24 thoughts on “‘Be connected’”

  1. Julia,
    Congratulation for this wonderful and well-written post.
    I appreciate your idea of getting connected and my entire aim of creating blog is to connect with some sweet souls like you, as you know, we are following each other’s blog, but, since last few days, we haven’t communicated with each other.
    Today, I am inviting you to my blog, because, first, recently, I have started new section named “unique blog(er) in my blog and second recently I have published one very useful and informative post, since, you are popular among community, your feedback on this post will give new insight to topic, so, I am eagerly awaiting to read your views on it.
    Wishing you all the best………….


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