‘Blissful Paradise’

The Red Wall
                                                  The Red Wall

Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where there were only walls.

Joseph Campbell

Today’s Photo 101 challenge made me think about what my blog truly expresses between its red pages…

Photo 101 assignment – Bliss and Captions

Screen Shot 2015-06-08 at 16.50.14

I took these pictures a few years back but looking at them now I’ve realised that I’ve always followed my bliss…well more than one…fashion, food, photography…all these little things that are part of me and make my world a wonderful place.

The story of my Paradise…only in pictures:)

Open air restaurant in the middle of Paradise
Open air restaurant in the middle of Paradise
Crusty bread with olives
Crusty bread with olives
Little red dress
Little red dress

Last picture credited to © ILS Photography

Follow your bliss,



© myredpage 2015 All rights reserved

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