‘Mad Money’

Screen Shot 2015-06-07 at 19.00.39

Director: Callie Khouri

Writers: Glenn GersJohn Mister, Neil Mckay, Terry Windsor

Lead actors: Diane KeatonQueen LatifahKatie Holmes

2008, Comedy, Crime, Thriller

It’s weekend…and for the first time in a while this friday I had what we call…’The Friday Feeling’:)

This movie is again one of my favourites…a comedy that you cannot miss, unless you’ve seen it already!

I don’t agree with the message it sends but every now and then we need to look at life with a funky red pair of glasses and just have a good laugh:)

I am an absolute fan of Diane Keaton and her role in this film is the reason why I still find it funny and intriguing after watching it more than once:)

Bridget is an upper-class housewife who finds herself in the need to take upon a job as a janitor at the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City. She becomes friends with two other employees and together they put in place a plan to steal money that is about to be destroyed.

After a lifetime of playing by the rules a moment’s decision will change all of their existence.

For better or for worse….?

Well…you will have to watch it and find out:)

Very straight forward story but the way the plot thickens, becomes more unrealistic and completely funny it’s all thanks to the three female characters. Their chemistry it’s off the charts and by the end it seems that they might have pulled of the perfect crime…or maybe not!

I love the ingenuity of the plan…the perfect match of roles…the quick and smart thinking…the free care attitude…all of which make this movie worthy to watch.

…and between all the broken rules, there is still place for a love story…awww:)

Life is not always fair…it’s not easy…it does not play by the rules…but with a bit of fun…we can bend the perception and live it as we imagined it:)

Have an amazing Sunday:)

Your movie lover,



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