‘Dark corner’

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“…the wind was cold and in some ways brutal.

It was dark…with no stars on the sky to guide you.

The street was filled with the sound of fallen leaves being swept back and forward…

As far as you could see…which wasn’t really far, there was no one and nothing…just a cold and lonely dance of the trees along the road. …she stopped for a second, looked around…nothing seemed familiar!

That couldn’t be…she knew this street like the back of her hand, every corner, every rock…every tree and dusty bench. Something wasn’t right…

Before something goes wrong, you have a strange feeling, like a nod in your stomach or like a difficulty to breath…too many things cross your mind and you stop thinking clearly.

She felt tired…if she was in the wrong place, this will be the end. There was no time to waste!

She looked at the time…11:15pm…to late to call for help, she will have to do this on her own.

Only if she could find the place! 2015-05-31 18.08.09

On the other side there was a small alley…too dark to see if it led anywhere.

She looked at the time again…11:16pm.

No more thinking…she crossed the street and walked down the alley.

Since she left the house this was the only moment she realised a flashlight would have been very useful.

The alley was narrow and seemed very long…high wooden fence on one side and brick, probably red, high wall on the other, which somehow was a useful shield against the cold wind.

All she could hear were her own steps…slow but heavy.

…a sudden sound, a few meters behind, made her stop.

She wasn’t alone…the one thing she was running from might just catch up with her.

She turned…too dark to see!


…an unexpected vertical light appeared for a second followed by the sound of a sword being pulled out of its scabbard. 

This was it…her faith for stepping over to the dark side…

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