‘The word is Cold’

Once upon a time ‘cold’ was a season… 

The land was white as snow,

And the wind icy for no reason. 


 Long forgotten


Holding on




Frosty green

This post is a response for One Word Photo Challenge by Jennifer. I’ve discovered her amazing blog through Estelea’s recent post.

Thank you for this opportunity!

I love photography and these are the perfect occasions for me to share my collection with you:)

I hope you’ve enjoyed it!

Your author,



© All rights reserved

22 thoughts on “‘The word is Cold’”

      1. I’ve never seen it. But I devoured the books. When I love a book, I usually can’t bear to watch a movie based on it. If you decide to watch the cable series, you have to start at the beginning or it won’t make sense.

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    1. Well, they were taken around Christmas, many years ago…this is the first time I’ve ever shared them! The boots is my favourite one…it’s actually a garden piece!

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