‘The secret of Kale’

” What’s for dinner? “

That is probably the most asked question in my house…to be honest, I feel sometimes like I need to invent something new, I mean surely everyone does get bored every now and then from repeating the same recipes?!

Or it’s just me?

We’ve discovered Kale about a year ago…by chance, I might say…used it in some of the smoothies for a three-day detox! I’ve had a revelation…did you know, Kale is the most healthy green you could have in your fridge?

That was enough for me…I was convinced, but then the big question came along: ‘ What else can I cook with Kale, beside blend it with celery:)))))?’

Well…loads of things!

And to prove you, that there is still something out there that you didn’t try …here are some amazing recipes, all based on Kale:)


Crispy kale homemade pizza

I’ve used a very simple pizza dough: flour, salt, sugar, olive oil and lukewarm water. Quantity for each ingredient is decided by how many pizzas you want to make:) Toppings: pepperoni, parmesan, tomato sauce and kale.

Before adding the kale to the pizza, sweat the leaves in a bit of olive oil with diced garlic. Place the pizza into the oven with all the toppings on for about 8 minutes.


Kale and apple soup

Ingredients: 1 large bunch of kale, 3tbs olive oil, 4 cups of vegetable stock, 1/2 chopped onion, 1 green apple, salt, pepper, a few bits of pepperoni.

Method: In a pan over medium heat, cook the pepperoni, onion and the kale in 3tbs olive oil. After about 5 minutes add half of the vegetable stock, chopped apple and salt and bring to boil. Transfer everything to a blender adding the other half of the vegetable stock and a bit of pepper. Blend until smooth. Serve with creme fraiche.


Italian pasta with kale pesto

Ingredients:  2 cloves garlic, peeled, 300g  kale, chopped, 4 tbsp  olive oil, handful fresh basil or 1 tsp dried, 1 tsp dried oregano, pinch red pepper flakes, 100g parmesan, grated, salt and pepper

Method: Place all ingredients in a large pan under low heat and cook for about 10 minutes. Place everything in a food processor and blitz until it forms a thick paste, add more oil, if necessary. Add a bit of water from the boiling pasta so it has a saucy consistency. Put the sauce back into the pan, add the pasta and mix together.

I’ve served it with homemade breadcrumbs:)

 …and here it is…kale delight:)

Bon appetite!