‘You are Bijoux!’

Welcome to this week’s fashion edit:)

“If you love fashion, make it your own…tell a story through your wardrobe…YOUR STORY!”

In my recent post I’ve mentioned how I see fashion…as art and an extension of our personality!

But how do we transform fashion in art…how do we know what is the reflection of ourselves?

I’ve done a photo shoot today with accessories...and I’ve realised that the small bits we add to our wardrobe makes a huge difference. Sometimes it’s the front line of our fashion story, that one thing that has our print on it!

For me…anything that is red, reveals a small part of who I am.

I am not saying that I would always wear something red…but when I don’t, I make sure that I have something that exhibits a side of me!

What does colour tell about who we are, did you ever think what does your favourite colour reveal about yourself?

2015-05-05 20.18.21

Turquoise light

Here is five things that turquoise colour can reflect about you: SPIRITUAL, CONFIDENT, CARING, INFLUENTIAL, CREATIVE.

2015-05-05 20.21.23

Black lace


2015-05-05 20.38.37

Juicy orange


2015-05-05 20.40.48

Apple green

What are the key words for a green lover?…PRACTICAL, BALANCE, GENEROUS, INSPIRING, RELIABLE.

2015-05-05 20.47.43

Red passion

I feel very self-conscious now:)…so what is the story that we tell?…ENERGY, PASSION, LOVE, AMBITION, ASSERTIVE.

As I went through writing this post, I believe more that the way we dress shows how we feel…do you agree?!

So…how do you feel today? Confident, generous, assertive, spontaneous or maybe a bit mysterious?

Either way…enjoy who you are because you are amazing!

15 thoughts on “‘You are Bijoux!’”

  1. Hi Julia, once again, your self-reflections using fashion are showing me something…
    I pretty much like the black and white, grey and its related tones. Love blue too. Winter rules with these colors. But here and there I use a colorful sweater to brighten the dark days.
    Summer makes me go to more colors of the spectrum though, and I can wear t-shirts from citroen to pink. But my accessories are never colorful. Your last post made me think that I should dare a bit over there. How funny…how we dress really speaks a lot about ourselves.
    Nice post.my dear! Thanks again.

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  2. I love your accessories!! “What does colour tell about who we are?” as for me, I guess it depends on the mood of the day, of the period .. this is my “turquoise/red period” :-)) what do they tell about me? I’m searching for some peace of mind and energy 😉

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    1. I’ve always believed that colours say more that we think about us:) I’ve said it before, as an example, grey for me means indecisive …when I wear grey is because “I just don’t know”:))))
      I hope you find that peace and energy you need!

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  3. hey ,… your sayings are right .. the way we dress gives us confidence .. it feels as if some kind of energy is added to us and yes now bring it on … also it shows that we love ourselves too … the self respect thing … but being generous and being dressed well is like cherry on the cake …. 🙂

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  4. While I love an array of colors, my two favorites have always been red and black (so much that they are going to be the theme for my wedding). I feel the words used to describe those colors are very apt.

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