Writing 101 – Day Seventeen


Today’s assignment: ‘Your Personality on the Page’ – Today’s Prompt: We all have anxieties, worries, and fears. What are you scared of? Address one of your worst fears. Today’s Twist: Write this post in a style distinct from your own.


‘Between rocks and the fence…afraid of being happy’

They say after darkness comes the light…but what about the darkness that follows the light?

I’ve always been an optimistic but I think it’s easier to encourage the person next to you than yourself!

The beauty of life it’s that, it wasn’t made to be easy…all the rocks and the fences we have to overcome to follow our dreams, makes it all that much sweeter when we get there:)

and all it’s good to concentrate on the challenges we face…working harder to achieve our goals, because this way we feel worthier of the prize, we think we deserve it because we put our heart and soul on the line to get it.

But what happens when you’ve got it?

…when life finally smiled back at you, embraced you for a split of a second and brought you to the one place you fought to be?

It feels strange…it scares you, because now you think that there is a possibility of losing what you’ve worked so hard to accomplish.

We are taught that life it’s about sacrifice, it’s about compromise…that life it’s full of pain but always followed by endless joy…but is it endless?

We are so used to being in a constant battle, that sometimes we forget how we should be when it’s peace…when our dreams come true and we can put the sword down and be happy.

Do we know how to be happy…or are we afraid that the moment we allow ourselves to feel happiness, it can all be taken away from us?

Honestly, I don’t know…

Sometimes I think I am afraid to let myself be happy…I smile but I still hold the sword in one hand…ready for any battle I might have to face…

I believe we enjoy the obstacles…we feel alive when we constantly have to conquer and as we bury ourselves in endless crusades, we believe that life should be that way…but it’s not!

Allow yourself to be happy, celebrate your victory and look at the clear blue sky without wondering where the clouds are:)…I know I will try…

Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 21.39.26

Picture, courtesy of The Daily Post, Writing 101

Note from the author:

Live your life without constantly wondering what will be your next step…don’t be afraid to smile if you’re happy…don’t think about the rain when you feel the warmth of the sunshine and forget about the dark when it’s light!

9 thoughts on “Writing 101 – Day Seventeen”

    1. Me too…I’ve just found that sometimes we don’t let ourselves be truly happy because we worry too much of what might come after:)
      But thank you for sharing your thoughts!

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  1. Interesting that you chose to address this underlying fear, this fear that isn’t always a fear we’re so ready to admit. I know myself that I tend to question a lot of things I should just give a chance, let it be but then I’ll turn right around and ignore other things b/c I don’t want to face the anxiety. It seems to always be a shifting battle as you have acknowledged here. And even just admitting these things is scary b/c then what does that mean? What can of worms does it open to say I fight to keep things difficult? Or I don’t know what to do when I’m not jumping fencing and climbing rocks? Thought provoking. 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much for reading and commenting on this post, as well for the suggestions left on The Commons:)
      I believe it’s strange to be afraid of happiness but the sad thing is, it does happen to all of us at some point in our life! My post was a sudden flow of thoughts I had right then and there. I never really gave it too much thought in the past but recently I’ve realised that there are moments in life when the second you’ve arrived where you’ve always imagined you want to be, it’s somehow difficult to be truly happy…and this comes from personal experience! I am afraid to enjoy my achievements when I had a long journey towards achieving them because in the back of my mind is that tiny thought that it might not last for long!
      I truly think that sometimes we enjoy the chase and the obstacles in our journey and we learn that they are part of our existence, more than we can appreciate the prize at the end of it…but then again, this is my personal take on it which doesn’t make it less real.
      Life it’s full of amazing things but at the same time it’s full of pain and it’s difficult to find a balance between them…we fight, we struggle and somewhere along the way we forget the beauty of it all…but that doesn’t mean we cannot be saved. I think it’s realistic to be aware that it’s very easy to loose the ability to enjoy success!
      Funny enough coming from a person who wants to see only the good and who doesn’t know how to give up ever:))))))

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      1. I can relate to everything you’re saying. I wonder if it’s because we often once we achieve what we’ve been working/searching more we forget it’s time to set another goal and keep growing, keep progressing. It’s as if we spend all this time doing something that we expect to feel differently when it’s done and then when we do but not in the way we thought we don’t know what to do with ourselves. I do agree that we lose sight often of the big picture, enjoy the ride and the destination, enjoy it all! My boyfriend often has said why make things more difficult for yourself when life is going to hand you things on its own that will be difficult. I can’t ever disagree with that.


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